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Top Ten Favorite Pieces of Art From Kaldheim


Hello readers! I hope that you are having just the best day in your lives that you have ever had! Today I want to look at my favorite pieces of art from Kaldheim. Now please note that I am not a trained art critic or an artist myself. Therefore, I cannot critique a piece of art from a trained eye. All I am is a fan of the game who loves and owns some pieces of art. That's it, and today we'll look at ten pieces of art that I think are my favorites from the set!

#10. Moritte of the Frost

Our only gold card on today's list is Moritte! I really enjoy the great detail work that Eric Deschamps has done here in creating our uncommon Shapeshifter! Take a deep dive and the swirls, snow, horns, eyes, clothing, and more. It's so rich and lushly done. Thanks Eric! Mr. Deschamps has done an incredible 161 cards for the game and that's not nothing! You can check out his entire list here. What's your favorite?

#9. Shepherd of the Cosmos

Shepherd of the Cosmos

Hello fans of pretty colors! I have your card right here, Shepherd of the Cosmos by one Johannes Voss! Isn't is just sooooooo...pretty? Yup! I hear ya! I love the colorful wings and the cosmastic (cosmos and fantastic blended) attention to detail. Even the background is detailed, and Johannes could have just called it a day and done a good job, but nope! It's cosmastic!

There are a few artists that have made my top favorite art before and this is a repeat performance as well. We have 87 cards in the game that Johannes Voss created. Of those, you might know Arachnogenesis; Blood Artist; Brightclimb Pathway; Estrid, the Masked; Gallia of the Endless Dance; Miara, Thorn of the Glade; On Serra's Wings; Restoration Angel; and the Zendikar Rising Expeditions version of Windswept Heath. I've already scripted two more articles of top ten favorite art and he'll appear again in this set in a later top ten. He is a high quality and consistent illustrator.

Let's look at a great card from Kaldheim that won't be making my three Top Tens:

Look at the gorgeous detailing of this Island and the massively great use of color. See how gifted Voss is? I know!

#8. Skemfar Shadowsage

Skemfar Shadowsage

This is Matt Stewart's 177th piece for the game and it's quite a good one! This is our second-highest hitting Black card and was a big hit on power from the set and has done some stuff at the kitchen table. Welcome it to the pantheon! Its art is pretty nifty as well, and I really enjoy the energy that the Elf Cleric has looking like a large serving dish in its hands. The color in this art is lush and the details are amazing, from the columns to the clothing and more. I love the look on the face as well. Good stuff! This is not his first time on one of my lists of favorite art from a newly released set. You can check out Matt's full canon of work over on Gatherer here.

#7. The World Tree

The World Tree

Isn't this land that should be legendary, pretty? I think so too! Anastasia Ovchinnikova did a great job! I love the colors and the majesty of the art for this land. My word for this art is "Majesty!" It's just so well-done! Ovchinnikova has done a creative job crafting this work of art. Literally and figuratively. She has done 43 total pieces for the game and they include ones you may have heard of like Alesha, Who Smiles at Death; Blossoming Defense; Cloudkin Seer; Glass Casket; Hidden Dragonslayer; Stratus Dancer; The Magic Mirror; and Vampiric Rites, most of which are in my Commander Cube or in other places. My favorite piece is The World Tree.

#6. Annul


Check out the new art on this classic common! Caio Monteiro might have created my favorite art for this piece. It's pretty good in a number of formats. Over at EDHREC.com Annul is registered...855 times, I figured it would have been low four digits, but that's fine. Caio's art for the new Annul is outstanding with a big number of the energy swirls as the mage stops the fiery hammer in its tracks. I enjoy how nicely colored the hammer is, and the figure it done nicely and believably as well. This is a great looking counter! Caio Monteiro has just 25 pieces so far and this is the first appearance in one of my countdowns, and hopefully this will continue! Some of the work you might know is Fall from Favor, which is heavily played in Pauper, Shark Typhoon, and Kadena, Slinking Sorcerer. My favorite art, after this, is likely Caio's Aurora Phoenix from Commander Legends.

Ready for my Top Five Favorite Art?

#5. Path to the World Tree

Path to the World Tree

Daniel Ljunggren sounds like a Nordic Character from the plane of Kaldheim, right? Anyways, check out the path making of our party as they head through the heath to the World Tree on the other side. It's pretty nice right? I love the green energy emanating in the art and the way that Daniel makes it flow is great. I cannot imagine how hard that would be. I also enjoy the details of the rocky outcropping and colors on it front and center around 1 o' clock. This piece is great! Daniel has crafted a huge 146 pieces of art! You can check out the entire list here on Gatherer and find your own favorite! (Mine might be Sword of the Animist or Hall of Heliod's Generosity or this.)

#4. Arctic Treeline

Arctic Treeline

Want to know something? This is not Alayna Danner's first appearance in one of my Top Ten Favorite Arts and hopefully it won't be the last either! Our highest-charting land and common is this snow dual. I love the aurora effect in the upper right corner as well as the nicely done treeline and the details in the sky as well as the snow and plants therein. I love this stuff! A lot a lot. Alayna has 40 other pieces of art which include cards you might have heard of like Alpine Moon; Archmage's Charm; Dragonskull Summit from Ixalan; Jeweled Lotus; Path of Ancestry; and Supreme Will. Alpine Moon remains my favorite piece by her.

#3. Doomskar


Not just one of the best cards from the set, but Doomskar is also one of the best pieces of art as well! I love the gorgeous Ragna-art in this piece and the realms shifting and breaking and the lines of power that connect them, all of which is quite ably done! Even the trees are nicely done! This work is entrancing to my eyes. This is artist Piotr Dura's 29th piece for the game, so let's get him to 30 next set! His work includes hits you might know of like several art for Zendikar Rising Expeditions like Celestial Colonnade. He did a lot of work in Theros Beyond Death among other recent sets. Some of those you might know? Forsaken Monument; Needleverge Pathway; the Omen cycle like Omen of the Sea; Temple of Enlightenment, Temple of Mystery and Temple of Triumph. My favorite? After this? Alpine Meadow from this set.

#2. Provoke the Trolls

Provoke the Trolls

Our highest-charting Red card, uncommon, and non-mythic is this fun instant. Check it out! The detailing of the plants, the skin, and the colors are great here. The sky is resonant, and the entire piece sings a beautiful solo to me. The action is well-done, and I even love the flavor text here as well. So, who sung this solo? Deruchenko Alexander who has created 66 pieces of art for the game; we got to get Deruchenko up to 67. These pieces include Abbot of Keral Keep; Dark-Dweller Oracle; Entreat the Dead; Expansion // Explosion; Nether Spirit from Modern Horizons; Spell Pierce from Ixalan; and Vial Smasher the Fierce. My favorite piece might be this, shout out to Lupine Prototype. Good job Deruchenko Alexander!

#1. Eradicator Valkyrie

Eradicator Valkyrie

Look at our top card for your consideration! Didn't Tyler Jacobson do a great job with the Eradicator Valkyrie? I think so as well! I love the massive usage of color here, which is rare for a black piece of art and is incredibly well done! Take a gander at the night, the colors of the Valkyrie's wings, the details thereof, and many more places to look. I enjoy the colors of the sky and the great work here. Tyler Jacobson has done a number of works in the game - 94 - which includes ones you may have heard of like Declaration in Stone; Domri Rade; Dovin Baan; Garruk, Apex Predator; Jace, Mirror Mage; Marath, Will of the Wild; Murder; Opt (from Dominaria); Selvala, Heart of the Wilds; and Teferi, Temporal Archmage among many others. My favorite work might be the Opt. Tyler Jacobson has had a big imprint on the game, and just won my Favorite Art from Kaldheim so good job! Let's keep it up!

And there we go! What did you think of my list? What are your favorite pieces of art from the set? You know what? Let's do this for next week as well for Another Ten Favorite Pieces of Art from Kaldheim! See you then!

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