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Commanding Flash and Flying Matters with Errant and Giada


Hello awesome Commander fans! Let's do my third and (final?) build around a legendary dork that debuted with March of the Machine! All three were on my 3 Top Ten Lists from the Set, (which you can find here. Today's leader!

Errant and Giada

This is a cheaper, flashing 2/3 flying body for 3 mana that lets you look at the top card of your library any time and cast them if they share a keyword with them! Nasty stuff here. This is the first "Flash-matters" Commander here in the game, although that ability was Dimir with non-legendary stuff. Today I want to meld these two synergies to have flyer attackers to win, blockers to stop attacks and then miscellaneous or card flow flyers, as well as flashing things that aren't flying like grounded dorks and key enchantments. Make sure you are casting from your deck not your hand to save it in case you lose your Commander and cannot recast with the Command Tax. This deck will have a bit of an aggro- tempo theme with some taxing here and there to suit my flying theme.

Ready for the deck building? I got you!

Mana, Ramp, and Lands

Talisman of Progress
Pilgrim's Eye

Since Errant and Giada cost three, there are few common ways in Azorius that will drop them in turn 2, like Birds of Paradise. So we are running a few two-drop rocks like the Talisman and the two Signets just for basic acceleration, as well as the flying 0/2 Ornithopter of Paradise. Then other things were added like the three-drop Eye, with flying, a 1/1 body, and searches up a basic and puts it into your hand, no ramping, but you'll make your land drop.

Like the Ornithopter and Eye, I added a few flyers that help our mana! Aerial Surveyor is a 3/4 with flying and crew 2. When it swings, if your attacked foe has more lands, you ramp a basic Plains from your library to the battlefield tapped. I added both plainscycling Dragons, including Timeless Dragon. This is an on-curve 5 drop 5/5 with flying, and when it dies, you can eternalize it with four mana to make a 4/4 once more. I also love Eternal Dragon here as a 5/5 flyer that can come back in your upkeep over and over again for winning.

Boreas Charger is another land helping with flying, in this case a 2/1 body for three mana. When it leaves the battlefield by dying or being exiled or bounced or tucked, you ramp out Plains equal to the difference in your battlefield and a targeted foe's. That's nasty here! Otawara, Soaring City is a free land that can be discarded for no more than four mana to bounce a dork, enchantment or planeswalker. If you bounce the Charger, you'll get its effect and can rekeep your dork by replaying it.

Moorland Haunt
Reliquary Tower

Now let's move to just lands. The Haunt is awesome here. It taps for colorless, arrives untapped, and then is tapped with Azorius mana to exile a dork from your graveyard to make a 1/1 flying token. That's nasty power here since we don't have any recursion at all. Converting dead stuff into 1/1s is great here.

The Tower just has one simple phrase, you don't have a hand size anymore. This is great here since we'll gain cards en masse from my mass card flow stuff we'll see later.

Prairie Stream is both of our land types. With our Plains fetchers, that works well to sort both colors. War Room will tap with three mana to draw a card and lose two life, so it's card draw in land form, strong here.

Flyers and Flash Stuff

Selfless Spirit
Venser, Shaper Savant

Let's turn to the key aspect of my brew. You can sacrifice the Spirit to give your team indestructible for the turn, so it's an answer to a foe's removal spell. The Human is a flashing four-drop 2/2 without flying. When it ETBs, you bounce a spell or permanent including lands to a hand. It's strong here as a temporary answer to things to slow them down, remove a blocker, bounce an attacker that'll kill you, or remove the Commander for a turn to remove its synergy with their table. Strong pair here!

Tempo and Taxes

Rhystic Study
Windborn Muse

Now let's turn to tempo and taxes. The first card here is a Commander Classic but I usually run other cards here, since there are usually better things to add for your brew or it's pretty pricey on the secondary market too. Here it helps to tap them out. Then we have Smothering Tithe and Mystic Remora, also key classics with the tapping. And then the second card here is the Muse a 4 drop 2/3 with flying that forces your foes to spend two mana each to attack you for each dork that swings your way. They'll often head elsewhere. So it's a Ghostly Prison on legs.

Spiketail Hatchling
Jubilant Skybonder

Ever since the Spiketail was printed, it was played heavily as a free Force Spike if someone cast something without leaving a free mana open. It slows them down a turn, while also serving as a 1/1 flyer for two mana. The Drakeling is here too. The Skybonder is a three-drop 2/2 with flying that gives all flyers you control Ward 2, so that helps to keep off annoying targeted stuff and shuts down things like Cyclonic Rift and hurts targeted removal. I am also running the non-flying and non-flashing Esper Sentinel and Judge's Familiar to play a role like the Spiketail above. The Familiar is my favorite one-drop in this deck.

Synergies and Win-Cons

Dictate of Heliod
Watcher of the Spheres

The Dictate costs five, has flash, and gives your team +2/+2 permanently. It's a combat trick you can cast from your deck. Attack with small stuff and then...surprise, you can trade or kill the blockers. The Watcher is a two-drop 2/2 with flying that also gives your flyers one fewer mana to cast. When they ETB, this gets +1/+1 this turn. I am also running the similar Warden of Evos Isle. This discount is great when casting from your deck reducing costs multiple times a turn. It breaks the next cards...

Hullbreaker Horror
Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir

Now let's turn to two flash matters synergies. The Horror is a six-drop 7/8 with flash, cannot be countered, and then when you cast something, you can either a bounce a spell or a (nonland) permanent. With all of the flashing and instants here that's a lot of control on opposing turns. Then on your turn with your multiple casts from the top of your library, you'll get multiple triggers to bounce flyers or reachers prior to swinging with your team. It's nasty control and tempo with a synergy here. Then Teferi is a harder to cast five-drop with 3/4 size and then flashing too. Then your dorks? They get flash. That's powerful together. And your opposing stuff? Their stuff can only be cast at sorcery speed. Nasty shut down no responses, and with both out, they cannot be answered with instants and you can bounce sorcery answers by casting stuff with flash. That's just...

Kira, Great Glass-Spinner
Thieving Skydiver

Let's finish our synergy section here. When someone goes to target Kira with a spell or ability by anyone, (or your other dorks too) that spell is countered. Nasty. That means that people have to gang up to smash your key stuff and lose spells to do it, so it's virtual card disadvantage for your foes. It also adds some tempo to your early stuff since they are now much harder to answer. The Skydiver is an on-curve 2/1 with flying and kicker X and you have to spend one in X at least if you wanna use it. Then you steal an artifact of that cost or less, so one mana will steal a Sol Ring. Was it Equipment? Equip for free. That means a four mana total will steal their Lightning Greaves and equip this. That's a nasty way to push yourself while also attacking and blocking on a flyer.


Teferi's Protection
Fierce Guardianship

Now let's turn to answers. Well start with answers to removal. The Protection is the best one printed, since all of your stuff phases out at instant speed for just three mana. For example, in multiplayer, one player can cast Wrath of God, then you cast Heroic Intervention stop it, and now the next player untaps and then casts Blasphemous Act, sweeps and you already spent your answer. But here they cannot just gang up on you since your stuff is phased out.

I am also running the free to cast if you control your Flawless Maneuver to give your team indestructible, and the flashing Guardian of Faith to flash and phase out a dork for three mana. I also tossed in some key counters to answer answers or the things that come your way, like the above free to cast Negate if you control your Commander, or just Negate for that matter.

Angel of the Ruins
Draining Whelk

I am also running this Plainscycler too! With a 7-mana 5/7 flying cost, this will arrive and exile up to two target artifacts and/or enchantments, so it's a two for one built in, three if your foe has to trade a spell or trade a dork with it. Nasty. The Whelk flies and has flash. Then for six mana, it'll counter a card and grow in size equal to the mana cost of what was countered so it's a win con. I am also running flash counters in Voracious Greatshark and Spell Queller.

Card Flow

Let's finish my deep dive with the card flow section. Consecrated Sphinx is a classic, I rarely run it since there are better cards or cheaper costed cards for the secondary market, but here it's a flyer so it is synergetic and draws you an epic ton amount of cards! Winged Words will cost no more than 3, draws two cards, and then if you control a flyer it'll cost just two mana.

Sphinx's Revelation
Bident of Thassa

The Revelation is the only X spell in the deck. For three mana to start, and then a X at instant speed, draw X and gain X life which is nasty here with the card flow resetting after dumping your hand. The Bident costs four, and when your dorks deal combat damage to a foe, you draw that many cards. It's strong card flow over time, and then you can tap it to force a team to attack someone which'll force them to open up their defense for more card flow. I am also running Coastal Piracy and Reconnaissance Mission.

Windreader Sphinx costs a massive 7 mana for just a 3/7 flyer, but when you swing with a flyer? Draw that card! Plus, this'll work with each attacker, so it stacks. Then Archivist of Oghma flashes our for two mana for a 2/2, and if a foe searches their library, you gain a life and draw a card. Cast it in response to a fetchland cracking on the stack or a Tutor cast to get it now, and then more in the future. It might force your opponents to slow down their stuff until needed or taken care of, so it might be tempo in some metagames. Or just a bunch of cards drawn instead. Either way it's good here.

Alright, and there we go with our deep dive! Decklist commences!

Flash and Flying and Errant and Giada | Commander | Abe Sargent

Card Display

100 cards later we're done! As you can see, I am running fewer nonbasics to have more basic Plains for the ramping of them from things that care about them. I hope you enjoyed my deck today!

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