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Building Unicorn Tribal in Commander


Hello folks! I hope your day is going well and you are staying safe in our modern world!

Did you see that tribe that's been with us since the beginning finally got a tribal leader in Jumpstart? Nope?

It sure did!

Emiel the Blessed

Hello, Emiel the Blessed! I hope you are having a rocktastic day today. I'm sorry, no I didn't make out what you were saying. Ah yes, I agree, it's official... Unicorns are cool!

Noble Quarry

In the Magic world, Unicorns are in green and white, and they often have abilities that Lure people their way, much like the old school Lure effect from Alpha. Both Prized Unicorn and Noble Quarry show how this ability was moved to the Unicorn concept. Everyone wants one, so of course, they want to block the Unicorn. Luckily there are only a small number of these Lure-ing Unicorns out there so that they can clear the way without getting in each other's way. Too many of them out would reduce their ability to help the team.

There are just 25 Unicorns in the game, and all of them are in the Selesnya colors. Most of those are white. We have no Chaotic Red Unicorns or Dark Black Unicorns or any Sea Blue Unicorns. Emiel the Blessed is the first one that's legendary!

So let's make a fun Unicorn build - something that pushes flavor over power! Unicorns from across the world will rise up and pierce their foes into submission!

Mirror Entity
Chameleon Colossus

Now because the tribe is a little underpowered, I want to add in some heft. You'll note the use of changelings here in the deck such as Mirror Entity and Chameleon Colossus. You'll also note the artifacts that can help any tribe in here as well. I also dipped into some other cards like Birds of Paradise for the mana needs.

Here's the question - does the vanilla Gray Ogre Unicorn (Pearled Unicorn) make the cut? That's the worst Unicorn by far, right? Right! Its' even worse than Regal Unicorn from Portal! And the answer? Yes, it does! Up until now, only 17 Pearled Unicorns are registered over at EDHREC.com, but we have to run every Unicorn printed or it just feels off. I wish it had first strike as the first strike of White Knight in that same set was because of its lance, and here the horn hits early. But c'est la vie. Unicorns are Unicorns.

Now one of these Unicorns, Adarkar Unicorn, has a blue and white color identity with its tap ability so it can't make the cut. All these Unicorns are precious to me. Blessed in fact, according to Emriel.

Capashen Unicorn
Ronom Unicorn

Some Unicorns do things like sacrifice to destroy an enchantment or artifact a la Capashen Unicorn. Another example is the two-mana Ronom Unicorn that doesn't need to tap or use mana for its sacrifice, although it cannot hit artifacts. It trades versatility for power.

Want a Knight to ride your Unicorn? Lonesome Unicorn to the rescue! We even have a story card from Throne of Eldraine. Valorous Steed can make a Knight to ride it on arrival to the battlefield and makes 5 power for 5 mana very on curve. It's probably the best Unicorn in here that's not your leader.


We have no flying Unicorns (I chose not to include Avian Changeling). I am leaning into Green's Hurricane's and Whirlwind to punish flyers. Since no Unicorns have flying, let's turn a weakness into a strength! Actually, I'll pull other flyers like Birds of Paradise and move to non-flying support. This also gives the Green sections of my deck something to do!

I want to run several planeswalkers in this build and steer clear of obvious Commander creatures like Eternal Witness, Solemn Simulacrum and Karmic Guide that might otherwise make the cut. Only Changelings, Unicorns, artifact support, and mana will make the cut.

Actually, now that I think about it? Nope! I am pulling Quirion Elves and Sylvan Caryatid out for more mana spells. Let's just play Unicorns.

I toss in some removal spells like Generous Gift and Beast Within as well as mana rocks and a few Regrowth effects and call it a deck!

Let's look at this ol' thang!

Commanding Unicorns

Emiel's Unicorns | Commander | Abe Sargent

100 cards of Unicorn'ing fun! Unicorn'ing should be a word.

Okay Wizards...

More Unicorns please!

And there we have it! Was there anything in there that you saw that drug you into making your own build? Anything that sparked you? Anything that I missed? Just let me know!

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