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Top Ten Cards from Unfinity


Hello awesome folks! I hope that your day is going incredibly well! Today, I wanted to look at my choices for the best cards from Unfinity that are great for kitchen table play like Commander, multiplayer, Type Four, Five Color, Highlander and more. I am not including any stickers, attractions, attraction makers or ticket givers or users since those all require a very insular deck and you need to build around it, and there aren't things that you can just run around with. This set also feels pretty draft heavy with cards that are fine in limited but not really punching above their weight in general kitchen table play.

Today we'll have three Honorable Mentions and then 10 cards to be a Top Thirteen overall, and then I may not come back since I am out for two weeks at Israel vacationing with my family and I wrote this article last week before I left, but I copied over every card into my master list in case we are still in an Unfinity mood later.

Ready for my list proper?

Honorable Mention #1 - (#13 Overall) - Killer Cosplay

Killer Cosplay

This one-drop piece of equipment in green will let you turn your equipped dork into any dork if it shares the mana cost. That includes banned dorks. So, if your Commander is an expensive dork this will turn it into Primeval Titan and you can swing and ramp two lands. This will also turn your dorks into an Ancient Greenwarden and play lands from your graveyard, Carnage Tyrant to make it a beater, Grunn, the Lonely King to double its power when it swings alone, Kamahl, Fist of Krosa to Overrun and make lands dorks, Multani, Maro-Sorcerer to grow massively in size and get shroud, Nemata, Grove Guardian to make a bunch of tokens, Primordial Sage and Soul of the Harvest to draw cards, Rampaging Baloths to landfall and game win, and that's just one casting cost. There are loads of ways to build up a nasty battlefield overtime. Just grab Gatherer/Scryfall for your Commander to have a bunch of options. Love this thing at the kitchen table in Commander loads.

Honorable Mention #2 - (#12 Overall) - Park Re-Entry

Park Re-Entry

This is one more to cast than Resurrection. This five-cost can bring up to two dorks with a mana value of three or less which fits into certain brews. Low to the ground, aggro, Hate Bears, Recursion, Sacrifice-matters - all strike me as places to play this fun little five-cost sorcery uncommon. Also note that if one or both are wearing hats, you can bring them back no matter the number of their mana value. I wouldn't build around that, but it's there if you wanted to bring the heat. Love this sorcery loads.

Honorable Mention #3 - (#11 Overall) - Saw in Half

Saw in Half

This three-cost instant Black spell Murders a dork and leaves behind two Clones, with half size and toughness. That has loads of applications at the kitchen table. You can use it on an opposing Commander which is legendary to half its power and toughness to double the turns needed to kill you with Commander Damage due to the legendary rule one copy would die. This hoses Auras and pulls off equipment, so it's good in a Voltron heavy environment. I also really like this in Blink decks since you can net two ETB triggers from your stuff not one, or an Aristocrat deck with death triggers that also makes two dorks. Midrange also likes this since it has loads of ETB stuff to trigger. You can chump block, then Saw in Half your about to die blocker and then get two copies for future blockage, which I like in planeswalker heavy brews to get three blockers from one removal spell. This makes two tokens for Token decks. See how synergetic this thing is as removal and targeting yourself?

#10. Exchange of Words

Exchange of Words

This three-drop enchantment will swap the text boxes of two dorks on arrival to the battlefield for as long as you control the enchantment. That does not require that you do so with the same or others, so you could choose to swap your dumpy 2/2 Commander with a lot of text with your much bigger 7/7 Hydra that you cast to beat away. You can swap your Commander's text with your foe's. You could swap around two foes; this is pretty flexible. I love this at multiplayer when you have a few options, and with Mana Rocks and Lands that can make any color of mana, because getting any color of mana from your Dimir control brew that grabs a red activated ability is pretty valuable, so run this with City of Brass and Darksteel Ingot and Fellwar Stone. Awesome possum!

#9. Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

This six-mana costing sorcery makes six mana so it fits into Storm brews. Since it makes 1 mana of each color it has a five-color identity and can only be used in that deck color in Commander. I like it with a Five Color Commander like Cromat where you can use this for the mana to drop it even if you didn't draw the mana. This is a Five Color (the format) essential. This also lets you crack open a booster and cast those spells this turn, but that is a may effect and could draw you some nice card advantage in mana ramping form. This is quite the strong goose.

#8. Captain Rex Nebula

Captain Rex Nebula

Our own Paige Smith wrote about this leader of a Commander deck here. This three-mana 2/2 legendary Boros dork can lead a Vehicle deck. At the beginning of combat on your turn, a nonland permanent we control becomes an X/X with crew 2 where X is its mana value. Then you roll a d6 and if you rolled its mana value you sacrifice it and deal damage equal to its mana value to one target.

Paige built this as a normal Vee brew in Boros, but might I suggest a different option? Big Mana Boros. Here you use Treasures and mana rocks and ramping to get to 7 mana and drop permanents with a cost of7 like Spine of Ish Sah. Then when you swing you make a 7/7 for crew 2 and you cannot destroy it since it's bigger than the d6 result. Make sense? I hope so! That's how I would build my Rex Nebula brew.

#7. Space Beleren

Space Beleren

This four-drop Azorius walker of the planes hits around halfway through the list! This divides the battlefield into three parts, and your foes choose first in player order in a multiplayer game. Then you can +1 him to force only dorks in the zone to block that region this turn, so you can put your beating 5/5 flying Commander into the same zone as some grounded dorks to get past. Then you can -1 him to toss a +1/+1 counter onto all the things in one sector (theirs too). Then you can -5 him to destroy those.

This is very strong in a few builds. I really like this with attack or combat damage triggers in the Command Zone like Brago, King Eternal or Medomai the Ageless. Then the +1/+1 countering can really work nicely in a deck that goes wide like aggro and tokens and counters matter. Don't sleep on the ability to destroy stuff either in an Azorius control brew.

This two-color identity keeps this from hitting higher on my list, due to Commander, since it would be ideal in Selesnya Tokens if it were mono-White or Boros Tokens or Aggro. This ability reminds me of a rare in Red (Raging River) that was printed way back in Alpha that divided grounded creatures into two sides of a River and then they could only block or be blocked by that side, so this is a clear call back to that, but color shifted to Azorius, which makes no flavor sense to me.

#6. Far Out

Far Out

Our final card before the Top Five proper is this three-drop White mythic enchantment. This will let you choose all of the modes on a card or ability not just one or two. Therefore your Izzet Charm will give you all three abilities, and your Cryptic Command all four rather than just two. This is clearly a threat in those instant and spells and makes them very powerful. In this color alone there is Austere Command, Azorius Charm, Boros Charm, Lorehold Command and loads more. Then you can really push for the roof with modal cards from other cycles rather than just Charms and Commands. Love this thing's power!

#5. Magar of the Magic Strings

Magar of the Magic Strings

Our penultimate gold card is this Rakdos 3/3! This can activate anytime for three mana without tapping so you can use it as soon as you drop it. This can pull out an instant or sorcery from your graveyard as a 3/3 dork. When it leaves the battlefield, it is exiled instead of heading to the new location. When the instants or sorceries deal combat damage to a player you can copy the card that it is without paying the mana cost. Nasty.

And in Black with the Cabal Coffers/Urborg combo you can make tons of mana, and this color combo is rich in card drawing for spells like Ancient Craving and Sign in Blood as well as removal like Bedevil and Chaos Warp to have enough for making the 3/3. You'll want to lean into Guttersnipe for triggers and Lightning Bolt burn to aim copies at foes.

#4. Nearby Planet

Nearby Planet

Our only land in my list is this powerful common. This land enters the battlefield tapped and then needs another mana spent just like Archway Commons and others in that queue. And since this counts as any basic land type it also taps for any color of mana, although it cannot be in any deck other than Five Color in Commander for that reason. This also counts as every subtype of land like Gate, Locus, and loads more. That means this will break the Urzatron lands since they all think all three are out even when just one does, and in your Gate deck this will work wonders. This will be an essential in Five Color the format. This also counts as every basic land type for domain effects or Cabal Coffers. It can be searched for with Farseek. Got it? Good!

#3. Trigger Happy

Trigger Happy

This two-cost uncommon Red instant will copy a triggered ability of any target permanent and you control it. Your foe's Ravenous Chupacabra or Mulldrifter? Your Spine of Ish Sah? Your Mycosynth Wellspring? Their Fists of Ironwood? An Eternal Witness or Karmic Guide or Primeval Titan in those formats where its legal? Copying a triggered ability already happens with things that exist, so there is no reason for this to have the acorn symbol on it. This thing loves blink and midrange that loads down decks with ETB stuff as well the needed triggers of dying things in Aristocrats and Sacrifice-matters, Artifact decks, even a Solemn Simulacrum that most run is quite doable. Love this thing loads here.

#2. Lila, Hospitality Hostess

Lila, Hospitality Hostess

This is an on-curve 3/3 for four Selesnya mana. This has three abilities that it brings to the tank. We'll talk about the last one first, Guests get +1/+1, so she is a Lord for that creature type, in case you care to build around it, I doubt it though, which is why I am talking about it first. The first ability on her card is that you can look at the top card of your library, which fits themes that care about it or order it like Sensei's Divining Top and Sylvan Library. Then you can cast (note "cast" not "play," so no to dropping lands) the top card of your library if it's a common card. Note that that means that she can lead a Pauper deck where only her is the leader, and that's pretty cool from where I am standing. Actually, I am sitting as I typed that, but it's a turn of phrase. Wowzer Bowzer! Love this Elf's synergy with the Pauper format loads.

One card left...

#1. Vorthos, Steward of Myth

Vorthos, Steward of Myth

Our top-scoring card, legendary for the Command Zone, and Five Color Command Zone option is Vorthos! Two to drop, 1/3 in body, initially just red mana needed so that's easier to do in a 5C brew. Then you name a named MTG character when they arrive to the battlefield, like Urza or Gerrard or Chandra or Xantcha or Karn. Then each spell you cast with that named character in their name, flavor text, or art costs less to cast, but just the colored mana, not generic. See how powerful that is? And since it has those symbols, it has the Five Color identity, which limits it in Commander, but it is very strong as a leader, and with every card to choose from that's been printed, this should dig pretty deeply into your options. Make sense as my top card?

Did you enjoy my look at the top ten cards from the latest Un- set? Anything I missed or got in the wrong order? Just let me know!

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