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MTG Phyrexia All Will Be One available now!
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Another Top Ten for The Brothers? War


Dear awesome folks! I hope that your day is rocking as much as you are! Today I want to head back to the recently released The Brothers' War set for another top ten! This will look at my next Top Ten after last week's (Check it out here - Top Ten Cards From The Brothers War | Article by Abe Sargent (coolstuffinc.com)) as well as three more Honorable Mentions. To make this list you need to be good at things like Commander, multiplayer, Type Four, Five Color, Highlander and general kitchen table play.


Honorable Mention #1 (#26 Overall) - Platoon Dispenser

Platoon Dispenser

If you control two or more dorks at your end step you draw a card, which is brilliant card flow over time for this in a color that needs it. Then you can spend four mana to make a 1/1 Soldier artifact token, which is a nice mana sink for this one. It has unearth for a turn to make some dorks and draw another card after it was answered. It's brilliant fun there. I love it in most casual friendly white decks and formats from tokens that it makes to reliable card flow in aggro decks like Mono-White and Boros, and then control making tokens for blocking and staying alive, and don't sleep on planeswalker decks that could use tokens over time to block attacks on their friends. Note that the tokens are artifacts for pro-artifact decks as well. It's very strong in loads of places.

Honorable Mention #2 (#25 Overall) - Gruesome Realization

Gruesome Realization

This uncommon Black sorcery is hitting my number 25 spot overall. This three-drop has two options. First you can draw two and lose two life, a standard card flow that is heavily played at the kitchen table in formats like Commander. Or you can give all opposing dorks -1/-1 until the end of the turn. That kills loads of powerful things like Mother of Runes, Birds of Paradise, Esper Sentinel, Goblin Welder, Aven Mindcensor, and Llanowar Elves. It's very strong against decks with a lot of 1/1 tokens as well. And it doesn't hurt you. Whichever works you can use, and the default of a card draw with the potential for removal in your card draw slot is very strong here. Love it loads!

Honorable Mention #3 (#24 Overall) - Brotherhood's End

Brotherhood's End

This Red story spotlight is my third honorable mention in today's list! You have two options when it resolves: deal three damage to all dorks and planeswalkers, or destroy all artifacts with a mana value of 3 or less. That first one is pretty strong, as this is one more than Pyroclasm for one more damage, so that is fair. We regularly see three mana three damage sweepers making Standard decklists. This gives you all that value. Then you can also just blow up cheap artifacts like Skullclamp, Lightning Greaves, Sol Ring, and all of the many heavily played Treasures. This scales up wonderfully on either side in multiplayer. It's quite the strong little animal.

Who is making my top ten?

#10. (#23 Overall) - Hulking Metamorph

Hulking Metamorph

I have seen this uncommon 9 drop 7/7 base and 3/3 with prototype making Standard decklists. This will Clone a dork or an artifact on arrival to the battlefield that you control save it's a dork with power and toughness equal to what is printed on the card. A four mana 3/3 Mulldrifter is pretty good for card flow. It's very strong and there is a Clone tribal over in the Commander format this slides right on into. This thing is quite the little Clone-r, but it's on my second list since it only copies your stuff, even though it copies artifacts too. There you go!

#9. (#22 Overall) - Loran of the Third Path

Loran of the Third Path

Loran is very strong with Command Zone potential. She is a three mana 2/1 with vigilance and on arrival to the battlefield will destroy an artifact or enchantment, so she is Reclamation Sage but with vigilance. Vigilance is very good in multiplayer as you attack the person tapped out but without opening yourself up. Then you have a Command Zone eligible Reclamation Sage, and that's very strong from where I am sitting. Then you can tap her after you attack and stay back for blocking and then let yourself and a targeted foe draw a card, so that's card flow for you and a friend on a potential Commander, and in a color that can use repeatable card draw. With an ETB ability, I like this in Blink decks that seek to blink their ETB abilities over and over again. Like Reclamation Sage, she's just good value in most brews seeking ways to interact with things while keeping behind a body that can block, swing, tap for cards, or grab a piece of equipment. Nice stuff for the win-tuff.

#8. (#21 Overall) - Tawnos, the Toymaker

Tawnos, the Toymaker

Our first charting gold card is this Commander literate fun thang. Our own Stephen Johnson built around this Simic colored Human Artificer here - Tawnos, the Toymaker in Commander | Article by Stephen Johnson (coolstuffinc.com). This five drop 3/5 (a bit behind the curve) has a cast trigger. Did you cast a Bird or a Beast? Great! Make a copy that's also an artifact. That suggests three builds. Simic Birds, Simic Beasts, and Simic Both, much like Kaalia of the Vast brought together Angels, Demons, Dragons in one brew famously. But you could just build around one or two of those very deep tribes, and then Stephen did the combo with a side helping of Mutate. It's a fun option. Getting free copies on a cast trigger in Simic reminds me of Volo, Guide to Monsters that also needed a deck building restriction that cared about a certain type to net your copy. Nice addition to this sphere! Also don't sleep on the fact that the copies are artifacts.

#7. (#20 Overall) - Awaken the Woods

Awaken the Woods

This X costing sorcery is my 20th card overall and creates X 1/1 Forest Dryads. It's a gamewinner like Decree of Justice, making a ton of tokens. That's very strong with Forest caring things like Howl of the Night Pack. Getting both a mass ramp spell and a mass token making for just GG to kick things off seems really strong. It's very good in Simic Ramp, Selesnya Tokens, most Mono-Green decks, X-Spell Matters in Gruul with Rosheen Meanderer, and loads more places. It's a strong little thing.

#6. (#19 Overall) - Queen Kayla bin-Kroog

Queen Kayla bin-Kroog

This three-drop 2/3 Boros colored leader is our top-scoring gold card. This can tap with four mana to discard your hand, draw that many cards, and then cast for free at least one card. That's a Wheel of Fortune in the Command Zone for those decks that want to build around it, and free casts of cheaper things. You can bring back a few smaller things that you discarded. Note that this can only be used at sorcery speed. But the power here is worth tapping her on the turn after you drop her. Note that most mana rocks cost one, two, and three, so you can easily discard and cast those for free, like Sol Ring, Arcane Signet and Commander's Sphere, and then one, two, and three drops like Mother of Runes, Gold Myr, and the earlier charting Loran. This thing is awesome, possum!

Top Five Time!

#5. (#18 Overall) - Transmogrant's Crown

Transmogrant's Crown

Our only equipment on this list is this two-drop. It gives a boost of two to power. When the equipped dork dies, draw a card, so it's half of the card draw power of Skullclamp with double the colorless to equip unless you spend a Black. Getting a double boost in power can speed up a Commander Damage kill over a turn or two. Then you can equip and then sacrifice and then equip and then sacrifice, so this is very strong in sacrifice matters brews and with Aristocrats. It's black color identity for Commander purposes. I love its power at the kitchen table as a backup Skullclamp in decks that go wide like Orzhov Tokens or go big like Orzhov Voltron. Love this thing loads!

#4. (#17 Overall) - Ashnod, Flesh Mechanist

Ashnod, Flesh Mechanist

This one-drop 1/1 with deathtouch is brilliant at playing keep away as no one wants to attack and trade down. She's also a legendary creature so you can run it at your Commander and drop it on the first turn guaranteed. Then when she deathtoucher attacks you can sacrifice another creature and make a tapped Powerstone, so she likes sacrifice and Aristocrats brews like the previous one. You can spend five mana to exile a critter from your graveyard and make a 3/3 Zombie token that's an artifact and tapped. And then that has great synergy with those decks and brews that we talked about, thanks!

#3. (#16 Overall) - Bushwhack


Our top-scoring uncommon in this article is this one-cost sorcery. It has two options when you cast it. The first is to search your library for a basic, put it into your hand, and shuffle. So, it's exactly the price and effect of Lay of the Land and similar costed effects. Or you can have a creature you control fight a creature you don't. So, it's the cost and ability of Prey Upon and similar abilities. So, you are combining ramping for one mana normally with fighting for one mana normally without adding in mana or other costs? Can you see why this powerful card hits this high? It's removal in your ramp section or ramp in your removal section. It's too good not to run.

#2. (#15 Overall) - Drafna, Founder of Lat-Nam

Drafna, Founder of Lat-Nam

This two-drop checks in with two abilities. The activated one will let you bounce your artifact you control back to your hand. That's pretty strong stuff. I love bouncing an artifact that you stole for the turn with Threaten effects and then they have to recast it. You can spend three mana, tap this, and then copy an artifact spell you control, so while that Skullclamp or Sol Ring is on the stack you can tap this and some mana to make a copy. Then you can bounce, recast, and copy to keep this up over time, so it's a strong artifact copy loving Commander. From artifacts with ETBs to recast and copy (Spine of Ish Sah, Ichor Wellspring) to powerful game winners (Blightsteel Colossus, Triplicate Titan) to powerful removal options (Meteor Golem, Steel Hellkite), you've got this! This is a very strong in a color that already has loads of support for it.

#1. (#14 Overall) - Myrel, Shield of Argive

Myrel, Shield of Argive

Our top-scoring card from the second list from the set is this mythic rare Mono-White four-drop 3/4. Not bad for the curve. Then this has two abilities. The first is that on your turn, your foes cannot cast spells or activate abilities from dorks, artifacts or enchantments, just lands and planeswalkers (and technically they can activate instants and sorceries like cycling a Decree of Justice to make 1/1 dorks). This is a legendary for Commander. That ability suggests leading a Mono-White Hate Bear deck or in the 99 of a Selesnya, Bant or Azorius Hate Bear Brew. Then the latter ability triggers when they swing. When they do, make a 1/1 Solider artifact dork for each Soldier you control. That suggests Mono-White Soldiers matter tribal brew or a Tokens Matter deck. They are a win con and a hate bear in one card, so they're pretty flexible. And on curve as well. They earned this spot!

And there we have it! What did you think of my second list? Anything in here that I missed or got in the wrong order? Just let me know and have an awesome day!

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