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An Early Look at Announcement Day


Today a slew up upcoming Magic releases were announced. On the heels of the German language Magic website publishing the piece early, an official article was released detailing some of the upcoming products. This announcement is designed to whet our collective appetites, as a more comprehensive Announcement Day will come after the release of Dominaria.

The headlining products include Battlebond and the official Magic Companion App. Battlebond is this year's "draft matters" release and it is focused around Two-Headed Giant play. The set will feature 85 new cards and takes place on Kylem - a plane where two-on-two combat is the highest form of competition.

The Companion App will be free on Android and iOs. It will be able to track game information, keep track of home tournaments, and being a link to the wider world of Magic. This includes being able to look up news and current card information.

A slew of other products were announced.

  • Signature Spellbook: Jace is a product taking the place of From the Vault. It will feature the eponymous Planeswalker and eight cards that fit Jace's character. It will release on June 15, 2018.
  • Commander gets two releases - Commander Anthology Volume II and Commander (2018 Edition). The Anthology will collect four Commander decks from previous releases in one package and will hit shelves on June 8, 2018. Commander (2018 Edition) will feature four new Commander decks and will be available on August 10, 2018.
  • Finally, there will be a new Planeswalker style deck release specific to the Chinese market. Global Series: Jiang Yanggu and Mu Yanling "introduces two new Planeswalkers to the Magic Multiverse. These two 60-card decks were originally designed by a team of Chinese artists, writers, and folklorists to explore a new branch of Magic lore rooted in Chinese aesthetics and mythology."

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