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Clay Spicklemire Infects Columbus


Over 1800 competitors tried their hand at Legacy at Grand Prix Columbus this weekend. Drawing on cards and archetypes from the long history of Magic there is a way to play Legacy that fits just about any style. In Columbus that style involved Sensei's Divining Top and Counterbalance. Miracles, a deck leaning hard on this lockdown combination, made up fifty percent of the Top 8, with one of those four pilots being noted Miracles expert Joe Lossett. Also battling on Sunday was Gathering Magic's own Jarvis Yu with his trusty Lands deck (which you can read about in his excellent article).

At the end of the day Lossett found himself and his trusty Miracles deck in the finals. His opponent was Clay Spicklemire with Infect. This was the second time Lossett found himself in the Top 8 of a Grand Prix facing off against someone many years his junior and the outcome this time was not miraculous and the 16-year-old with Infect triumphed and now has a trophy on his mantle.

Congratulations Clay Spicklemire - your Grand Prix Columbus champion!

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