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Carlos Romao Stomps His Way to Victory at Grand Prix Atlanta


Cash Turner was on a roll. He had not dropped a match at Grand Prix Atlanta all weekend and went into the finals with a chance to go undefeated on the line. The person standing in his way: former World Champion Carlos Romao.

Grand Prix Atlanta was the second high profile Limited event featuring Kaladesh. Just as we saw at Grand Prix London, the current Limited format allows players to highlight unique card combinations or turn creatures sideways for victory. There were many highlights this weekend, including Sam Black drafting a deck focused on Dynavolt Tower and Chris Pikula earning enough Pro Points to get back on the Hall of Fame Ballot. But at the end of the Sunday it was Turner and Romao.

Neither Cash Turner or Carlos Romao had a wacky deck. Instead they went at each other with what could be called typical, midrange draft decks. Romao piloted a white-black-green deck against Turner's white-black build. The finals went to a decisive third game but in the end Turner picked up his first loss after Romao stuck a massive Arborback Stomper.

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