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Ali Plays Standard Domain Ramp


Wednesday, we played Autumn's Orzhov list which was super sick! Today we are going to go over David Olsen's 5-Color Domain Ramp deck. I mean it was a 5-color deck in the Top 8, I obviously had to give it a whirl. The deck is playing the previously unplayable Topiary Stomper because with Invasion of Zendikar // Awakened Skyclave, Topiary Stomper can attack and flip Invasion of Zendikar as early as turn four! Which easily sets you up for your haymakers in Herd Migration, Etali, and Atraxa! Check out the videos to see how the deck plays out!

Time Stamps:

02:58 - Match 1

12:04 - Match 2

34:37 - Match 3

As always, thanks for reading,


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