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Ali Plays Historic Laelia Burn


Welcome back everyone! Today is a bit unconventional for me as I take a Mono-Red deck for a spin in Historic. Altheriax finished number on ladder with this deck in the July 2022 Ranked Season. I saw that it played Laelia, Light up the Stage, Electrostatic Blast, and Chandra to get a lot of card advantage and that made me really want to try it. Because of all those cards that deal damage and draw cards this deck can play as a strange Mono-Red control deck by killing creatures then killing our opponents.

Let us go ahead and look at the decklist!

Time Stamps:

02:00 - Match 1

18:04 - Match 2

32:53 - Match 3

The matches were sweet and really showcased how this deck can play as a control deck, especially after sideboard when we bring in the Molten Impacts against creature decks. I also love how the deck does not play Strangle or Molten Impact main deck so that all your burn spells can go to your opponent's face if you happen to play against a control deck on ladder. The deck reminded me of a counter burn deck but instead of countering spells, we are killing creatures then blasting our opponent. I surprisingly really enjoyed playing it and recommend it if you enjoy this type of strategy!

That's it for today, thanks for reading/watching!

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Until next time!

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