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Playing Legacy Sultai Explorer


Hey everyone! While you're reading this, I'm most likely playing in GP Richmond. If you've enjoyed my last article on Sultai Explorer / Nic Fit then you're in for a treat today. I played some matches with the deck and recorded them. The deck is powerful, but I'm still working on the last few numbers. Here is the list I played in the videos.

Here's a short intro video explaining the deck, if you want a more in depth analysis, then check out last Fridays article here.

Now let's see the deck and Emrakul herself in action in Legacy!

Wrap Up

Our loss was to a Four-Color Loam deck that I had not previously seen before. If I had known what the deck was attempting to do, I'm sure I could've put up a much better fight, especially since I was boarding for Marit Lage when it appears my opponent did not have any. It was nice to see that Emrakul is a great end game even against the attrition or mana denial decks like Temur Delver and aggressive decks like Goblins. I shouldn't have sideboarded out my Emrakul against the Loam deck. I honestly don't think it's ever going to be right to sideboard her out. She just ends the game on the spot and gets you out of situations that you wouldn't normally be able to get out of.

I do want to investigate some other cards like Bitterblossom and Garruk Relentless. Our opponent's Garruk Relentless really did a number on us. I also want to cut the Nissa, Vital Force from the board for either a Karn Liberated or Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. Both cards are great against the slower decks which is what Nissa was meant for. They just close the games much quicker and can get you back from boardstates you wouldn't be able to return from, just like Emrakul.

Overall, I'm excited to play this deck, you can build it so many different ways and I'm excited for GP Richmond along with exploring more options with the deck.

Hope you enjoyed the videos.

I'll see you all next Friday,

Ali Aintrazi

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