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Ali Plays Historic Bant Turbo Fog


Nexus of Fate is no longer with us in Historic, but we have a bad replacement in Haze of Pollen! In case you do not know what Turbo Fog is, it is a deck that tries to win the game by casting lots of Fogs (we can re-buy with Tamiyo, Collector of Tales and Commit // Memory) and then winning with a planeswalker. The deck is sweet if you enjoy control decks that control the game in a unique way without countermagic.

Let's look at the decklist!

Time Stamps:

00:02:12 - Match 1

00:16:15 - Match 2

00:48:52 - Match 3

00:58:56 - Match 4

01:06:24 - Match 5

01:07:34 - Match 6

The goal is to just Fog them out until you can win with Uro, a Teferi ultimate, Nissa, or a bunch of tokens from Castle Ardenvale. Commit // Memory acts as a catch all to any spell or permanent. Memory works great if you have Narset, Parter of Veils out. You will get to draw seven cards while your opponent only draws one. Teferi, Hero of Dominaira and Nissa, who Shakes the World are both play extremely well when you have five mana with Haze of Pollen. Both of these planeswalkers give you two mana (You need a forest with Nissa but you should have it.) After that you should be able to stabilize with more Haze of Pollens, board wipes, or Tamiyo regrowing a board wipe / Haze of Pollen. The deck can be a grind but it is a fun one!

Until next time!

Ali Aintrazi

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