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More Old-School Budget Commander Cards


Welcome back for more budget goodness, everyone! This week, I'm going to continue to discussing budget Commander cards, specifically focusing more on non-creature spells. I hope by the end of this read you consider picking up some, if not all of, the cards we go over today!

An-Zerrin Ruins

First on our list is An-Zerrin Ruins, which currently is only $4.25 for the Homelands version, and $5.24 for the World Championships version (mtgstocks.com). This is a lock down card against any tribal deck out there. If someone is running zombies, you play this, choose zombies, and now they are locked down. That is, of course, unless they figure out a way to either untap their creatures or give them vigilance. Chances are they are they won't, though. Playing this against an elves deck would be a nightmare scenario for them, as they need untapped mana dorks to keep churning as many cards onto the battlefield as possible in a timely fashion. This is a card I would not be surprised to see at upwards of $20 long-term, so I would personally trade into these as soon as possible!

Freyalise's Charm

Next on the list is Freyalise's Charm. The price is currently $0.30 with only one printing (mtgstocks.com). Although this may look narrow, because we can only activate it when an opponent casts a Black spell, consider the following: Most pods of players have at least one person playing Black spells. This would give us plenty of opportunities to use the ability for card advantage. It is also only a 2-drop, so the risk involved with casting is very low. We could also supplement this in a deck that makes use of enchantment synergies with cards such as Ethereal Armor or Eidolon of Countless Battles. I feel you shouldn't overlook any way to gain card advantage in a deck, as we always need cards to win a match. This is one to consider putting into your trade binder while it is pennies on the dollar!


The next few cards we are going to discuss are enchantments that have a lot of reach depending on your situation. The first one on our list is Drought. The current price is only $0.29 (mtgstocks.com), and I do not see how it's this low! This card can nearly single-handedly shut down a Black deck. Although we must pay ww at our upkeep, the lockdown is well worth it. This would clearly need to be in a deck that does not play Swamps, or a deck that supplements it and we can recur our Swamps. There is only one printing of this, so keep it on your radar!

Flooded Woodlands

Flooded Woodlands is another lockdown card, this time against Green. Coming in at only $1.21 (mtgstocks.com) this has more room to grow in the future. The downside is the cost of four mana. Of course, we don't want to play it right away, so that hardly matters. Those fast Green token or big creature decks will not want to see this at any point of the game. Granted, Green likes to make use of ramp, and toys like Crucible of Worlds or Ramunap Excavator to recur lands. Unless they have something to recoup their losses, though, they will have to heavily consider what to do regarding their attacks.


Reclamation is like Flooded Woodlands but targets Black creatures instead of Green. The price of Reclamation is only $0.53 (mtgstock.com)! My mind always goes to zombies and vampire decks when I think of Black creature decks. This would be another enchantment like Flooded Woodlands that could potentially lock down those types of decks. Most vampire decks do not have land recursion, so the idea of this hitting has the potential to lock them out regarding attackers.


Next up is Glaciers, and its price is currently at $0.49 (mtgstocks.com)! Dropping this presents another opportunity for locking someone down. Turning all mountains into plains makes our opponents find other ways to get their Red mana. Control players like to do anything in their power to slow the pace of the game down, and this can do just that against decks packing plenty of Mountains! At the very least, this one looks like it could creep into that $5.00 range at some point if people see the potential.


Speaking of control players, Monsoon can leave them in quite the pickle. Coming in at the price of only $0.50 (mtgstocks.com), this is another high value card on the cheap. It can ping our opponents to death by itself! With control players wanting to keep mana available at all times, this will be a real headache by keeping them from leaving their lands untapped if they cannot remove it.

Soul Barrier

Another enchantment that has potential to annoy our opponents is Soul Barrier. The current price is at $0.32 for the fifth edition version, and $0.50 for the Ice Age version (mtgstocks.com). Not only is this a control spell, but one of those weird old cards that sounds more Red than Blue. This one will ping our opponents for two when they cast a creature spell. Seeing as most Commander decks have creatures, it would make sense to throw one of these in your deck. Considering it's only a 3-drop, there isn't much downside to playing this card. Our opponents can pay the two generic mana, but then we're taxing their mana supply. Either way it is a versatile card that either inflicts damage, or makes our opponents tap their lands down.

Dwarven Armory

Dwarven Armory is next on our list. The current price is $0.48 and has room to grow. This is not a card that is going to skyrocket in price, but it is a good supplemental card for those making use of counters. The downside is you need to be able to recur the lands you sacrifice for the ability. However, being able to put a +2/+2 counter on your creature is huge. This is something I could see being used in a Gruul (Red/Green) build to help with buffing creatures. Not the most groundbreaking thing, but it is definitely a good budget buff option for those looking for something cheap!

Forgotten Lore

Last on our list today is Forgotten Lore. The price is coming in at only $0.30 (mtgstocks.com)! This is a great card to have in a Golgari (Black/Green) recursion styled deck! Of course, one may look at this and think it's not worth the potential cost after paying the initial one Green mana. However, if you are playing this when you know you have more than enough mana to get the card you want, it will be worth it! Another thing to consider is throwing multiple big cards in your graveyard that you would be happy to receive if you do not have available mana to get a specific one. This way, chances are you will get something good without paying a hefty fee for it. I like this as a supplemental tutor card that we can use in a pinch. For $0.30 you cannot go wrong picking up a few of these!

That's all we have for today, and I hope you come back for the next one as we will be discussing Innistrad: Crimson Vow cards!

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