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Cast Your Vote for Altered Reality Challenge #3


For the third Altered Reality Challenge we saw eleven entries submitted in a varying number of styles and themes! I'm very excited to see such a great response to this challenge and I hope you all enjoy the creativity exhibited by the entrants below.

As you look over the entries keep our "prompt" in mind in case it affects how you cast your vote. In one week we'll announce both the winners by vote, but also the results from our three judges! Be sure to look at all the entries before casting your vote at the end of the article! Voting will close at 11:59:59pm ET on October 3rd.

The Prompt

Alter a "Commander," e.g. a Legendary Creature, to be one of the following: Werewolf, Vampire or Zombie.


And in case you forget, here's what's up for grabs this time around! The judged winner will receive a $30 gift certificate to CoolStuffInc.com, the popular vote winner will also receive a $30 gift certificate, and the popular vote runner-up will receive a $15 gift certificate to CoolStuffInc.com. Yes, the same person can win both the judging and the popular vote.

The Entries

Presented in alphabetical order

Andrew Sitte

Title: Festering Squee

Description: One of Squee's most famous traits is his immortality. For this Altered Reality Challenge, I decided to reimagine his immortality being a result of zombification instead of Phyrexian magic. Since I don't alter using paints, I had to find a different way to zombify Squee that fit my alteration style, hence: 3D Festering Squee!

Chris Martin

Title: this card bites

Description: First real alter attempt.

Jackie Lee Alters

Title: Momir, Cytoplast Reanimated

Description: The front side of Momir has not been modified much, it seems. Wait, the what? In fact, this general now has a sun symbol and... a transform condition?

Yes, Momir Vig has been completely transformed -- both artistically and mechanically -- into a zombie. In this timeline, when Agrus Kos killed everyone's favorite Elf Wizard, he did not go quietly. Now he is chained to unlife by the same cytoplasts he spent his life's work creating. And, considering the amount of time it took to painstakingly recreate the Magic card face on the back of a non-double-faced card, it might as well be my life's work, too. The medium is acrylic and Copic Multi-liners. I hope you enjoy it!

Twitter: @JackieLeeAlters

Blog: http://jackieleealters.tumblr.com/

Email: jackielee@tabletoparena.com

Kevin Montour

Title: Axelrod the Werewolf

Description: I was inspired by the full moon in the background and decided to make Axelrod into a werewolf. I tried and match the feel of the art, keeping with the shades of blues and purples.

Email: insectile34@hotmail.com

Marina Velo

Title: Mirri the Cursed

Email: marina.velo@ovi.com

Mathieu Degrotte

Title: Dakkon Bloodblade

Description: Attached is my Vampire version of Dakkon Blackblade titled "Dakkon Bloodblade" - My favorite legend! I take alter commissions, but can only send in France or neighbour countries.

Gallery: http://mdartalteration.carbonmade.com/projects/3182007#1

Email: M.D@europe.com


Title: Blood Before Blood

Description: Many noble fighters have been corrupted during the long, dark Innistrad nights. On one such night, under the ominous shine of a full Innistrad moon, the corruption caught up with the mirror-master Riku, a peaceful wizard whose wisdom, passion for spellcraft and the study of life had brought him to the unwanted attention of evil. Olivia Voldaren watched with cruel pleasure as Riku's skin lost color, his eyes reopened with a sinister yellow glow and the fangs extended from his pale mouth. Belatedly sensing his sibling's distress, Riku's reflection flew to his brother's rescue, only to be slain by his own creator...

Email: emailrada@gmail.com

r i a n

Twitter: @descripting

Blog: http://www.stumptownhorror.blogspot.com/

Google+: https://plus.google.com/#116354814960727063783/posts

Email: descripting@gmail.com

Sean T. Patchen

Title: The Mimomonster

Description: An attempt to make the Mimeoplasm all 3 creature types, as suggested by Drew Sitte on twitter.

Twitter: @swordstoplow

Email: swordstoplow@gmail.com

Thomas Parker (tomcat_mu)

Title: Zombie Jhoira of the Ghitu

Description: She likes brains!

Tyler Chester

Title: Wort, Zombie Auntie

Description: This is a 3d alter of Wort that uses only a single copy of Wort. In order to meet the zombified requirement, art was taken from Blackcleave Goblins, Toxic Nim, and a Shards of Alara Swamp (#241). To add to the zombie theme, all filler cards are also zombies (Which doesn't really matter, but it's the thought that counts right?). In addition, to go with the commander theme, all cards used are singletons, e.g. all filler cards are different cards.

Twitter: @darkensaga

Email: tylerchester14@gmail.com

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