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GenCon 2015 Recap


The best four days in gaming is upon us. Gen Con has returned to Indianapolis for four hectic days of every kind of game you can imagine. From the fleeting and glorious halls of Cardhalla to live-action dungeoneering and everything in between, Gen Con has something for every kind of gamer. Unfortunately, not all of us could make the trip out to Indianapolis to experience Gen Con first hand. Fortunately, those of us who were left behind can still share the experience of Gen Con with friends and community figures who are in attendance. Here we will try to capture Tweets, photos, and other media which encapsulate the Gen Con experience, and will entice us all to redouble our efforts to make it out next year.

Day Four: That's a Wrap

Day Three: The Gaming has Reached a Fever Pitch

Day Two: The Games Begin in Earnest

Day One: So it Begins

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