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Going Crazy With Waste Not And Wheel Of Fate In Modern


There's something incredibly satisfying about the text "draw 7 cards."

Wheel of Fate
Waste Not

When you have a deck that plays a card that has said text, and it's somehow not even the most important part of the card, you know you've got a wild one. The goal of this deck is to utilize the "discard your hand" part of Wheel of Fate in conjunction with Waste Not for fun and, date I say, profit?

Let's find out!

Time Stamps:

00:04:14 - Match 1

00:48:34 - Match 2

01:05:20 - Match 3

This deck, built by Dylan_MTG, is a creation of mad genius.

Bloodbraid Marauder
Burning Inquiry
Liliana's Caress

Burning Inquiry is one of the most oddly powerful cards in Magic's history. If you're super lucky, it's literally triple Thoughtseize, triple Entomb, and Ancestral Recall, but more normally it's just a crazy way to draw and discard a lot of cards at one time. This works bizarrely well with Waste Not and Liliana's Caress, creating a wild engine. And with the deck getting delirium fairly easily, Bloodbraid Marauder always cascades into Burning Inquiry or Wheel of Fate, letting you do your thing over and over again.

Or at least, that's the plan.

Hollow One
Architects of Will

As we saw in the video this sorta worked, but struggled at times as there a lot of moving parts. Hollow One does work with Burning Inquiry, but we cycled it more than we cast it, and the delirium package was a bit awkward.

As a concept, this deck is both fun and exciting, but it probably needs to be tuned up before the next run. Still super cool though!

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