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Omnath, Locus of the All the Deck Ideas



You knew I'd be excited as it was possible to be excited when they released a new Omnath. Some of you probably rolled your eyes, figuring I was going to do the same sort of landfall shenanigans I've become famous for. Well joke's on you me because the new Omanth doesn't even HAVE any Landfall abilities! Wait, what?

Omnath, Locus of All

It seems Omnath is carrying on in the tradition of Omnath, Locus of Mana and completing the cycle with a Phyrexian version that lets you float Black mana as much as you want. However, even with a lack of landfall abilities, I got brewing on the spot. It wasn't just one idea, though, it was a LOT of them. Today I hope you don't mind if I write an article that's light on prose and heavy on decks. I give you several possible versions of Omnath, I hope you like them.

The first one is a bit obvious, but the fact that mana sticks around made me want to play a deck where I cast some big X spells. Ideally, I am casting a big Mass Manipulation and warping the entire look of the board, but there are some very big X spells we can play otherwise, not the least of which is Exsanguinate. This is a 75% deck, though, so don't think we're not going to jam Villainous Wealth and Mind Grind into the deck - we're running the full complement of ways to swipe their cards with a bunch of extra Black mana! We even have a Memnarch! Check out deck number 1.

Omnath's Big X Spells | Commander | Jason Alt

Card Display

Braid of Fire is a silly card and it's going to do silly things in this deck. The conceit here was to play a lot of X spells that gave me a lot of bang for my buck and worked well with banked mana. It's not terribly original but I wanted to get an easy one out of the way because this next one should be way more fun.

The next deck was inspired by an old Legacy deck that ran Dream Halls and Conflux to cast a ton of spells in one turn. While the first build I showcased worked well with Omnath's first ability, this works with the second, rewarding you for having a lot of overlapping colors in your deck. You're going to draw extra cards and that lets you pitch extra cards to Dream Halls and play more spells. You're going to get Dream Halls less often as a 1-of in a 99 card deck than you are as a 4-of in a 60 card deck and that's why I like to build decks around thesis Enchantments that aren't just trash when you don't draw that pivotal card. That's why the deck is built around creatures that have lots of overlapping mana pips - Legends. It's close to a typical Legends build but not quite as combo-focused and way more value-oriented. Hope you love it!

Omnath's Legends | Commander | Jason Alt

Card Display

This looks like a lot of fun. In fact, Dream Halls and its support card, Brainstorm, are two of 3 non-gold non-artifact cards in the deck. But it was looking for cards that did what Brainstorm does that I had another idea - Cascade!

Omnath's Cascade | Commander | Jason Alt

Card Display

This is the one I'd test the most because I have no idea if you need a bunch of mana dorks I'm not running because of cascade. Honestly, this list is a little loose and I'll need to tighten it up a lot, but rather than talk about where this deck could be bad, let's talk about the cards I love and finally get to play in a cascade deck.

Hidden Retreat and Penance are the White solutions to drawing the cards you want to cascade into that cascade has never had before. You can throw anything on top to cascade into with these and you can even save Omnath from some removal spells in a pinch. I can't wait to try these cards out. I love the synergy between Locus of Rage and Averna, also, that could be a very fun way to hit multiple landfall triggers in a turn.

What do you think? Am I way off base? Did at least one of these do it for you? Let me know on social media. I am excited to be building at least one new Omnath deck and I hope you're all excited, too. Send me your builds! Until next time!

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