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Pauper Premier League Week 1 Profiles


It's the fourth and final day of Pauper week here on CoolStuffInc.com! We're finishing it with a bang with full player profiles for each participant in the Pauper Premiere League as well as decklists from the first four players playing this week.

We'll be starting the fun over at the CoolStuffInc Twitch page at 9PM EST/6PM PST. If you're unable to watch it live, don't fret! We'll have on demand replays through the Twitch page immediately following the stream and then they'll appear as well on CoolStuffInc's YouTube page a few days later. If you want more details about the league itself and how it's being run, you can check out the announcement article here.

In addition to being sponsored by CoolStuffInc.com, the Premiere Pauper League is also #sponsored by Wizards of the Coast! They'll be providing players with prize support and occasionally hosting the CoolStuffInc channel on their own Magic channel!

With that, allow me to introduce you to our players and commentators!

Alex Ullman (@nerdtothecore)

Magic Online username: SpikeBoyM

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Pauper Deck: Tortured Existence

Biggest Magic Achievement: Part of the first Community Cup winning team

One card I would downshift for Pauper: I know it's bad for the format, but Infest.

Kendra Smith (@themaverickgal)

Magic Online username: TheMaverickGirl

Hometown: Buffalo, New York

Favorite Pauper Deck: Elves

Biggest Magic achievement: 8-0 day one of Standard GP Seattle 2018 with no byes. Also won the first (and so far only) SCG Pauper Classic at Summer SCG Con 2018.

One card I would downshift for Pauper: Astral Slide

Evan Erwin (@misterorange)

Magic Online username: misterorange

Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Favorite Pauper deck: Elves

Biggest Magic achievement: I got to play in Pro Tour Valencia in 2007 as a part of the Invitational event. It...didn't go well.

One card I would downshift for Pauper: Eternal Witness

Joseph Hourani (@prettymane666)

Magic Online username: 420dragon

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Favorite Pauper deck: Azorius Familiars

Biggest Magic achievement: Got to Rank 5 on the MTG Arena ladder.

One card you would downshift for Pauper: Wall of Omens

Chris Van Meter (@chris_vanmeter)

Magic Online username: BubbaCVM

Hometown: Tacoma, Washington

Favorite Pauper deck: Boros Bully

Biggest Magic achievement: Finally winning an SCG open so I could shave my beard

One card you would downshift for Pauper: Tibalt, Rakish Instigator

Brian Coval (@boshnroll)

Magic Online username: Bosh N Roll

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Favorite Pauper deck: Izzet Control

Biggest Magic achievement: SCG Invi winner and Vintage Champ

One card you would downshift for Pauper: Pyroclasm

Ricardo Mattana (@_stompy)

Magic Online username: trM

Hometown: Barueri-SP (Brazil).

Favorite Pauper deck: ub Delver (RIP Gush).

Biggest Magic achievement: Top 64 GP Buenos Aires, Top 64 GP Sao Paulo, Top 16 Brazilian National Pauper.

One card you would downshift for Pauper: Skullcrack

Adam Yurchick (@AdamYurchick)

Magic Online username: Condescend

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Favorite Pauper deck: Storm circa 2008

Biggest Magic achievement: Pro Tour Top 9

One card you would downshift for Pauper: Remand

Brian DeMars (@BrianDeMars1)

Magic Online username: ffy

Hometown: Windsor, Ontario

Favorite Pauper Deck: Mono Swamp Midrange

Biggest Magic Achievement: Creator of the Battle Box

One card you would downshift for Pauper: Mishra's Factory

Emma Partlow (@emmmzyne)

Magic Online username: Emmzyne

Hometown: Ipswich, England

Favorite Pauper deck: Bogles

Biggest Magic achievement: Enchanted Wheel of Sun and Moon on my Dredge opponent... Handful of T8 Game Days on a serious note..0

One card you would downshift for Pauper: Reflector Mage

Andreas Petersen (@ecobaronen)

Andreas featured center

Magic Online username: ecobaronen

Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark

Favorite Pauper deck: Boros Monarch

Biggest Magic achievement: 45-50 MTGO Challenge top8's, 2nd GP Madrid 2018, 23rd PT25

One card you would downshift for Pauper: Dismember

Michael Bonde (@lampalot)

Magic Online username: Lampalot

Hometown: Aarhus, Denmark

Favorite Pauper deck: Orzhov Pestilence

Biggest Magic achievement: Top 8 of MCII Cleveland

One card you would downshift for Pauper: The intro pack Planeswalkers - they are extremely overcosted, and not that powerful, but i think they would give a nice dynamic with each released set.

Now that you've been introduced to the players, let's have a look at the decks for the very first week of the league! Remember: during the first six weeks of the league, while players are in pods, they may only stick to one deck for the whole night. During the playoffs, however, players may switch over to a different deck between rounds. In addition to the lists themselves, each player also has something to say about their choice for the week, so let's see what they have to say!

Andreas Petersen

Why Andreas chose Affinity: Ever since being called ambidextrous by Stephen Menendian, I've strived to be exactly that, so today I'm moving out of my Monarch comfort zone and picked up Affinity as my weapon of choice. I hope to Fling home a total of three victories and ride off to the sunset!

Evan Erwin

Why Evan chose Izzet Delver: It's a classic straightforward tempo deck that uses all sorts of evasion and cheap tricks to get advantages on the opponent. It includes some of the best card draw/selection in the format, and has been a staple for a very long time for a reason. While it doesn't seem to get to many new tools from Core Set 2020 and the like, I'm happy taking my flipped 3/2 into the red zone.

Michael Bonde

Why Michael chose Orzhov Pestilence: Most games of Pauper are super grindy, and with a deck like this you take control of the grind by having an answer for pretty much everything they do - and that's Magic for me :) (I am however not winning against Tron - Fingers-Xssed ;) )

Alex Ullman

Why Alex chose Goblins: I wanted a deck that had access to some powerful draws. At the same time, I didn't want to go with an Astrolabe deck week 1. I took a risk and went with Goblins. Goblin Grenade is a powerful card - the game is easier when your opponent starts at 15. I know I can have an uphill battle against Prismatic Strands and Weather the Storm, but I'm putting my faith in the Red cards.

And there you have it! Four players all ready to go. The matches will start at 9pm EST/6pm PST with the following schedule of players and commentators:

Who will you be rooting for? What do you want to see win? Tune in tonight and cheer on your favorite player! All of us are tremendously excited to get this started and bring you some of the best Pauper gameplay around. We can't wait to see you all there!

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