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Pauper Premiere League Week 4


We're back once again with week three of the Pauper Premiere League, brought to you by CoolStuffInc.com and Wizards of the Coast! The first three weeks of initial gameplay has finished and every player has had a chance to play! The battles have been epic and mighty. Some quick, some long and grindy. You can find a recap of these first three weeks in my recap yesterday, or just watch the video replays in the playlist below!

This week we have Brian DeMars coming in hot once more after his back-to-back run between week 3 of the League as well as Mythic Championship IV. He'll be bringing longtime Pauper favorite Stompy. Then we've got our other Brian - Brian Coval - bringing us our first true taste of Tron with Skyfisher Tron. It's not one you might normally see, as it's different from the greater control builds like Murasa Tron, Stonehorn Tron, or Dinrova Tron. This variation has seen some play of late and put up good results, and I can't wait to see how he plays it this time!

Rounding out our week we have two players returning all the way back from week one. The first is Alex Ullman on Golgari Aristocrats. In recent months, the deck has found a resurgence in play, putting up some showings in online Pauper Challenges and Leagues. Alex has been a huge fan of this deck and I can't wait to see him jam it. Last but not least is Andreas Petersen on Bogles, which will undoubtedly make for some brutally fast matches.

With that, let's check out their decklists:

Why Brian chose to play Stompy: My choice to play Stompy was derived from my trust in the local LGS crew. I had a short turnaround this week and with the MC over the weekend and travel there wasn't much time to test. The metagame metrics signaled it was an over performing deck and I know the local guys have a great list (because I've gotten beaten up by it on Tuesday night a couple of times!). I strongly considered playing a more conservative "good deck" like Jeskai Astrolabe, but decided to give into the call of the wild and get my stomp on!

Why Alex chose Golgari Aristrocrats: "I tested a ton of different decks for this weekend. I tried to make Reanimator work and I couldn't crack it. I wanted to run a Tortured Existence deck never found a list I enjoyed. So I'm going with this deck because I've had success with it the past and I do love me a Carrion Feeder."

Why Brian chose Skyfisher Tron: "I picked TronArch because it's a powerful hybrid of 3 different Pauper engines; tron, Monarch, and Skyfisher/Astrolabe.

This list doesn't have the crushing inevitability of Flicker Tron, but it has a more robust "fair game" when you don't have Tron online. I should be able to pressure the other combo and control decks with Skyfisher while going over the top of the other fair decks with Tron.

Unfortunately I whiffed on my meta predictions, so my sideboard is close to blank. The silver lining is we get to see how far this hybrid main deck can be pushed."

Why Andreas chose Bogles: "When playing in these 4-person metagames like Super Leagues and the Pauper Premiere League, I like to be as unpredictable as possible while showcasing as much as a format as possible for the audience. Furthermore, I liked how Astrolabe improves Bogles' mana on paper and how it's positioned against other aggressive strategies in the format."

So many exciting lists! Now let's check out our matches for this week:

Wow what a lineup! While I'm sure you all are tremendously excited to see the matches play out tonight, I imagine you're wondering one thing: who is Charles Jenkins? Why, he's MTGO grinder Entropy263 (or otherwise known as Birbman263 on Twitch) and he'll be filling in for myself while I'm off at GenCon this weekend! For those unaware, Charles was originally one of our players, but scheduling conflicts made it not work out. As such, we're excited to bring him on for this week to help us out in an effective manner!

Don't forget to check in on all the excitement over at the CoolStuffInc Twitch page tonight at 9PM EST/6PM PST! We'll also have video replays within the days after. For some players it all comes down to this. Who do you think stands the best shot at advancing to the playoffs and who will you cheer for? I can't wait to see who takes it down tonight!

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