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Magic Mics: Spoil(er)s of War


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Airdate - 4/3/2019

First Pick

Mythic Invitational - Andrea Mengucci wins!

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Gather the Townsfolk


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Best Article - Abbie Marie (Phyrexiamagic) Women in Magic the Gathering

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Content Creator of the Year - Rhystic Studies

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The Finisher

War for the Spark preview season is well underway, and while the cards themselves are certainly exciting (and we're looking forward to discussing them all in our upcoming complete set review) nothing has been getting more attention than the War of the Spark Official Trailer featuring Liliana, Nicol Bolas, and a dope "In The End" cover, which now has nearly 6.5 million views on YouTube. So in light of "War For The Linkin Park" blowing up like Ariana Grande, what's the next big break in Magic: The Gathering YouTube?