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Grand Prix: Las Vegas Artist News, Week 1


Announcements have been slowly trickling out of ChannelFireball regarding artists coming to Grand Prix Las Vegas. It appears that, every day, a social media announcement is being made. I hope this continues, as more than three dozen Magic artists in one Magic-only event hasn’t happened in well over a decade.

Artist lists are easy to find, but be sure to look closely. Mike Linnemann, our resident art Vorthos, took a gander at the lists and found some highlights below the surface to be sure to stock up on before the big Grand Prix.

Pete Venters — 282 Card Artworks

Remember that Pete had a bunch of DCI and foils, so looking through his card list will often only have the most-recent-printing listings such as Commander products and Duel Deck. Always check back for cards—but also tokens! I would’ve missed the Un-set Goblin listed. I’d absolutely look for a copy of each of the foils for Cubes—and easily a quick play set of Tendrils of Agony for that Vintage player you know. As for his Asia Forest, if they’re your Forest of choice, have them signed!

Richard Kane Ferguson — 62 Card Artworks

Desertion from Commander’s Arsenal has really dropped in price considering it’s the only foil printing. Have one signed along with Dissipate for your Cube or Commander deck. Additionally, it’s always wise to snag a few Price of Progress foils to have signed for that local casual red player. They’ll be a solid hold for years to come.

Jeff Miracola — 111 Card Artworks

Jeff’s also done pain lands—though in white border, they would also be great cards to pick up for signatures. If you play Rise of the Hobgoblins in your Cube, remember to have his token signed!

Aaron Miller — 16 Card Artworks

Of course he did Ajani, but his tokens are really standout incredible. You can pick them up from his artist online store here. He should have a bunch at his table, and it’s silly to not buy them. Look at that dark angel. Is that a pelican!? You bet!

Alex Horley-Orlandelli — 111 Card Artworks

Alex’s alternate artworks are pretty accessible and very playable in the Modern format. Breath of Malfegor is just fun.

Karla Ortiz — 15 Card Artworks

The list only consists of two because the focus should be on Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver. I’d try to have her sketch you an Ashiok head on the back of an artist proof. Her line work is really solid.

Zack Stella — 25 Card Artworks

Zack’s judge foil in Show and Tell is gorgeous. He has two token-generating cards, so don’t forget about either of them. Additionally, Soul of Theros is just beautiful, and an artist proof pickup would be wise if he has any left!

Christopher Rush — 120 Card Artworks

Christopher Rush has iconic art lying around everywhere throughout Magic’s history. I would definitely look to his lands, often overlooked at conventions for signatures. I love his Plains panorama from Ice Age, and I also love his Unglued Plains. He does have a Forest promo card along with a promo Mana Leak if you want to go big. Finally, never forget tokens, and his Zombie from Unglued is a bit hilarious!

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