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MTG Potpourri 31 — Lab Rat Fiesta


Joining you this week is your host Tom Gustafson (@psgreader), formerly of Monday Night Magic for many years, as well as two esteemed cohosts in Adam Styborski (@the_stybs) and Conley (@conley81). Our goal is to bring you some Magic news, some pro-level talk, random topics du jour, and a little entertainment.

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The trio rides again with a shocking amount of WW II discussion!

  • We run down some favorite picks from the upcoming Magic Origins set—wax poetically as the last core set comes into the sun.
  • Conley and Adam also discuss thoughts on new mulligan rule.
  • We all share our favorite failed CCG. Tom loved Rage, and Adam liked the fundamentally flawed Star Wars CCG by Decipher.
  • Breaking News! Tom was aware of the amazing life breathed into the Star Trek CCG after its paper life by Trekcc.org, but he was not aware a similar community has supported the Star Wars CCG at starwarsccg.org!
  • Tom relates the difficulty of explaining WW II to a three-and-a-half-year-old.

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Show Twitter — @MTGPotpourri

Tom — @psgreader, tommygustafson {AT} gmail {DOT} com

Adam — @the_stybs

Conley — @conley81

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