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Wurm Your Way



Using only cards from Return to Ravnica, cast Worldspine Wurm as quickly as possible.


You have perfect luck. For example, even after you shuffle your library, it’s ordered how you want. You may not assume anything about your opponent’s hand or library except that he won’t do anything relevant.

Casting a spell “quickly” refers to both the turn of the game and whether you’re playing or drawing first. Turn three on the draw is quicker than turn four on the play but not as quick as turn three on the play.

You may only use four copies of any individual card other than basic lands.

Send your solutions to nex342+puzzle at gmail dot com with the subject line “Puzzle – Wurm Your Way”, and I’ll include the best ones in next week’s article along with the next puzzle!

Good luck!

Solution to Last Week’s Puzzle

Paul Schuster was the first to solve last week’s puzzle:

Play Your Life Mike’s Life Mana
Main Phase 6 4 bbrgg
Tap and sacrifice Throne of Geth to proliferate both shrines. 6 4 bbrgg
Sacrifice Shrine of Burning Rage targeting Falkenrath Noble, returning Phyrexian Metamorph to your hand using Glissa, the Traitor’s trigger. 5 5 rg
Sacrifice Shrine of Boundless Growth. 5 5 2rg
Cast Phyrexian Metamorph copying Mortarpod, targeting Mike with Rage Extractor’s ability. 5 1 r
Sacrifice the Germ token that Phyrexian Metamorph is attached to, targeting Mike. 5 0 r

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