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PVDDR Dominates with Dragons in São Paulo


Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa is synonymous with the Magic scene in Brazil. The Hall of Famer's resume includes an incredible nine Pro Tour Top 8, including a win. A prolific writer, he has document his recent struggles to return to his old form. After a strong showing with Esper Dragons at Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir and a Top 8 at Grand Prix Krakow with same deck, it appears PVDDR was starting to find his groove once more.

At Grand Prix São Paulo, in his own country, Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa was able to hoist the trophy once again. After entering the single elimination rounds as the top seed, he would pilot his trust Esper Dragons list to the finals where he dispatched Maximiliano Ramiro Sanchez piloting a Dragon deck based in Red and Green - the two colors PVDDR eschewed.

Put blue cards powered by tribal synergies into Paulo's hands and he is a force of reckoning.

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