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Rudy's Temur Elementals


With SCG Worcester around the corner, I've been trying to figure out the deck that not only gained the most but seemed well positioned for the new format. Elementals popped up during the Streamer Event and I immediately fell in love with Risen Reef. It reminds me a lot of Rogue Refiner where it's great on its own, but when you put in a deck with synergies it becomes even better. Having a Risen Reef in play and following it up with a Chandra, Acolyte of Flame is pure value town, population: You. It's fairly easy to tear through your deck and find the most impactful cards. I was interested in Icon of Ancestry and I think that's a card I would be interested in looking more into as time went on. Being able to find key pieces like Omnath, Locus of the Roil means you'll always be able to try and dominate a game. And that's not even mentioning how it makes Chandra hit even harder. The deck is fairly aggressive so it punishes those who fall behind or have a slow and sloppy deck and Omnath and Mask of Immolation provide a ton of reach. The deck is also fairly consistent, as you'll see in the matches, and basically does the same thing every time. I think there's still a ton of work to be done before I'm sold completely on the build, but for week one I'm not going to be unhappy putting this together. The only thing I really wish I had was Lava Coil for Rekindling Phoenix. Rekindling Phoenix also seems like a solid card for this deck as a recursive threat and one that can dodge gummed up grounded board states. It also is nice to note that the 'egg' is an Elemental so it can trigger Risen Reef.

Time Stamps:

Match 1 - 00:04:16

Match 2 - 00:11:17

Match 3 - 00:26:47

Match 4 - 00:35:50

Match 5 - 00:46:28

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