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Walking Through Drafting with M12


Since I’m pretty busy getting ready for the upcoming (well, I guess “recently completed” by the time this goes up) Pro Tour, I don’t have a whole lot of time to write this week. I feel that my last draft article got off on the wrong foot. On one hand, I didn’t want people to accuse me of cherry-picking my good drafts, but on the other hand, that draft was a total train wreck. I’m hoping to redeem myself this time. So, without further ado, here’s the draft:

Pack 1, Pick 1:

My Pick:

While I’m somewhat hesitant committing to Green this early, there’s really nothing else worth taking. Hydra is just a gigantic monster, but there are many commons that deal with it. Getting it Mind Controlled is just the worst ever, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Pack 1, Pick 2:

My Pick:

Not a difficult pick; Pacifism is one of the best commons in the set. I’m not usually a fan of G/W, but it worked out pretty well for me at Nationals, so I guess it can be good. I’m hardly committed to either color, but if it comes down to it, I’m willing to draft G/W.

Pack 1, Pick 3:

My Pick:

Pack 1, Pick 4:

My Pick:

Green seems to have dried up, so I’m just picking the card I think I’m most likely to play. Blue is underdrafted online, so there’s a decent chance I’ll end up playing it.

Pack 1, Pick 5:

My Pick:

This is a pretty tough pick. As much as I love removal, I don’t really want to go into a third color for Shock. It’s a fine card, but I would never splash it. On the other hand, Giant Spider and Carnage Wurm are both really good, and a sign that Green might be open after all. I already have a gigantic boom-boom, and Giant Spider is a great card to have in your deck, so that’s what I go with.

Pack 1, Pick 6:

My Pick:

I’ve made my bed, so it’s time to pick the Green men.

Pack 1, Pick 7:

My Pick:

It’s between Warhorse and Mighty Leap here. I don’t think I’ll end up playing either of them, but the Horse gets the nod since G/W has access to better combat tricks.

Pack 1, Pick 8:

My Pick:

Yeah, I rare-drafted it. Don’t judge me. At a real draft, I’d probably cut the Negate or the Fling.

Pack 1, Pick 9:

My Pick:

I’m pretty happy to wheel Plummet here.

Pack 1, Pick 10:

My Pick:

Pack 1, Pick 11:

My Pick:

Pack 1, Pick 12:

My Pick:

Pack 1, Pick 13:

My Pick:

Pack 1, Pick 14:

My Pick:

Pack 1, Pick 15:

My Pick:

Pack 2, Pick 1:

My Pick:


Pack 2, Pick 2:

My Pick:

I don’t think I want more than one Stave Off, and Griffin Sentinel is actually really good.

Pack 2, Pick 3:

My Pick:

I’m very tempted to abandon White and go into Black, but I don’t think I can justify it. Arachnus Web is the safer pick.

Pack 2, Pick 4:

My Pick:

Arachnus Web is a better card, but I think my deck needs the Llanowar Elves more.

Pack 2, Pick 5:

My Pick:

Pack 2, Pick 6:

My Pick:

Pack 2, Pick 7:

My Pick:

Pack 2, Pick 8:

My Pick:

This is a really late Giant Spider that I’m happy to pick up. I’m feeling pretty good about my decision to go Green this draft.

Pack 2, Pick 9:

My Pick:

Auramancer is fairly underrated, and I don’t think I’ll need a second Plummet since I have double Giant Spider. I have stuff like Arachnus Web and Pacifism to get back, so I think Auramancer is slightly better.

Pack 2, Pick 10:

My Pick:

Pack 2, Pick 11:

My Pick:

Awkward. Kind of wish I took the Plummet last pack. Oh, well.

Pack 2, Pick 12:

My Pick:

Pack 2, Pick 13:

My Pick:

Pack 2, Pick 14:

My Pick:

Pack 2, Pick 15:

My Pick:

Pack 3, Pick 1:

My Pick:

Geeeeeeeeez. Why did I have to open this pack third?! I’m definitely taking the Titan since it’s worth money, but even at a PT, I would probably take it. Grave Titan is one of the best cards you can have, so I’ll be looking to grab any and all Rampant Growths, Birds of Paradise, or Manaliths I see. Go greedy or go home, that’s what I say.

Pack 3, Pick 2:

My Pick:

I feel kind of bad for passing another Arachnus Web, but I really need more cheap creatures to go with my Overrun.

Pack 3, Pick 3:

My Pick:

I know I said I need more cheap creatures, but Acidic Slime is too good to pass up. Any card that deals with Mind Control is worth considering.

Pack 3, Pick 4:

My Pick:

It’s pretty close between the Pegasus and the Timely Reinforcements. I have no idea if my pick is actually right, but my logic is that I’m going to be the beatdown most of the time, and I’d rather have a reliable 2/1 flyer instead of a card that may or may not give me three 1/1’s.

Pack 3, Pick 5:

My Pick:

I’m probably not playing three Auramancers, but there’s nothing else in the pack worth taking.

Pack 3, Pick 6:

My Pick:

Not a hard pick, considering my multiple Auramancers.

Pack 3, Pick 7:

My Pick:

That was pretty late.

Pack 3, Pick 8:

My Pick:

Pack 3, Pick 9:

My Pick:

Pack 3, Pick 10:

My Pick:

Pack 3, Pick 11:

My Pick:

Pack 3, Pick 12:

My Pick:

Pack 3, Pick 13:

My Pick:

Pack 3, Pick 14:

My Pick:

Pack 3, Pick 15:

My Pick:

This draft converter created by Benjamin Peebles-Mundy.

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This is what I registered:



1 Acidic Slime

1 Benalish Veteran

1 Garruk's Companion

1 Griffin Sentinel

1 Llanowar Elves

1 Primordial Hydra

1 Runeclaw Bear

2 Auramancer

2 Giant Spider

2 Lurking Crocodile

3 Stormfront Pegasus



1 Plummet

1 Stave Off

1 Titanic Growth

1 Overrun

1 Arachnus Web

1 Pacifism

1 Trollhide



10 Forest

7 Plains



I was slightly concerned with the lack of removal, but Green removal is forcing your opponent to chump-block. The deck is aggressive enough, and has enough powerful finishers like Primordial Hydra and Overrun that it shouldn’t be a problem.

Round 1, Game 1

I win the die roll and choose to play. I mulligan into two Forests, Llanowar Elves, Stormfront Pegasus, Garruk's Companion, and Overrun. I start off with Elves into Companion, but miss my third land-drop. My opponent plays a turn-two Crimson Mage, and I figure he doesn’t want to trade it with my 1/1, so I attack in. Unfortunately for me, he blocks, and I draw only Forests and White cards for the rest of the game. From what I see of his deck, he’s mono-Red, with at least two Fiery Hellhounds, and at least two Blood Ogres. I die once I’m forced to start chump-blocking each turn.

Round 1, Game 2

I choose to play and keep double Plains, Forest, Titanic Growth, Garruk's Companion, Giant Spider, and Benalish Veteran. I draw a Forest to play my trample, while my opponent starts hot out of the gates with turn-one Goblin Fireslinger and turn-two double Goblin Arsonist. The double Arsonist makes things somewhat awkward. I’m fine with “getting him” with the Titanic Growth, but the second Arsonist makes that a short-term play. Instead of attacking into his board of three 1/1’s, I decide to develop my board with a Benalish Veteran. The beats continued with a turn-three Fiery Hellhound and an attack from one of the Arsonists, holding the other back. I’m not really interested in trading my Giant Spider for his Hellhound at this stage in the game, so I decide now is as good a time as any to Titanic Growth. As expected, he blocks my Companion with his Arsonist, so I use my pump spell to hit him for 6, putting him to 11. He plays out a second Hellhound and a kicked Blood Ogre over the next couple of turns, so the board is stalemated for the time being, but then I draw my Primordial Hydra, which forces him to act. He attacks in with both his Hellhounds, and this time I’m fine with trading my Spider for one of them. On my following turn, my Hydra became an 8/8 and is chump-blocked by a Goblin Arsonist. With both meddlesome Goblins out of the way, I run out the Stormfront Pegasus that’s been in my hand for a few turns and add an Auramancer for good measure. Facing down a 16/16 trampler next turn, my opponent concedes.

Round 1, Game 3

I’m once again forced to mulligan, and I keep a somewhat sketchy hand of double Forest, double Stormfront Pegasus, Griffin Sentinel, Overrun. If I draw one Plains, the hand is fine, and is probably better than a random five-card hand. My opponent chooses to play and starts with a Goblin Arsonist. I draw a Plains on my turn. Ding! I spend my first four turns playing both Pegasi followed by my Griffin Sentinel, while my opponent adds a Goblin Fireslinger and two Fiery Hellhounds to his board. On his turn five, he attacks with all his guys and I go into the tank for a bit. I have four lands in play, three of which are Forests. I do the math and conclude that he is exactly dead if I don’t block and draw any land to cast my Overrun. If he spends all of his mana pumping his Hounds, he can put me to 3. If I do block, I’ll go to 6 and lose my Griffin. After considering my options, I decided to believe in the heart of the cards and declare no blocks. As expected, he sinks all of his mana to put me to 3. I have a stop set on my upkeep, so I sweat it out for a bit and draw . . . Plains! My match checks out and he’s exactly dead.

Round 2, Game 1

I win the die roll and choose to go first. I keep a spicy hand of double Forest, Plains, Llanowar Elves, Stormfront Pegasus, Trollhide, and Primordial Hydra. My opponent mulligans to six cards. I spend my first couple of turns playing the Elves and the Pegasus, while he plays a Child of Night on his turn two. I feel that the coast is clear for my Trollhide, especially since I’ve drawn one of my Auramancers. I equip my flyer and crash for 4, leaving my Elves back to block his Child of Night. I don’t think he’ll actually attack into it, but I don’t want his Vampire negating half of my Pegasus damage. Well, apparently today is the day for my opponents to trade their 2/1’s for my Llanowar Elves, as I snap-block when he attacks. I feel pretty safe untapping with my 4/3 regenerating flyer, as there are few cards in the format that can deal with it. I’m quite content to just sit on regeneration mana for the rest of the game, but my opponent has one of the few answers in the form of Incinerate. I casually play my Auramancer to get back the enchantment. Value! He taps out to play an unkicked Bloodrage Vampire, so I am free to pants up my Auramancer and get in the red zone. He plays a very unimposing Rusted Sentinel while I make a 4/4 Primordial Hydra. This is enough to get the scoop.

Round 2, Game 2

Unfortunately, MTGO didn’t save the replay of this game for some reason, so I’ll have to go from memory. And since I’m an old man, my memory isn’t so good, so . . . yeah.

I went to a hypnotherapist and he told me that while I was under, I kept repeating “Mythic rares are good,” over and over. I guess that means I got him with Primordial Hydra again.

Round 3, Game 1

I normally chop 8–4’s if my opponent offers or if I think my deck is bad, but this time I play it out regardless, since this draft is for you guys. I win the roll and keep the semi-loose hand of Forest, Plains, Garruk's Companion, Plummet, Acidic Slime, Auramancer, and Stave Off. I skillfully draw a Forest to play my Companion on turn two. My opponent is U/G and never really is in it. I misclick to miss an attack with my Companion one turn, but it doesn’t matter as I always have an answer to everything he plays. I play my Stave Off to save my Stormfront Pegasus from his Stingerfling Spider, and when he forces my Pegasus to attack into his Spider on my turn with his Alluring Siren, I have the Titanic Growth. When he tries to Mind Control it, I have Acidic Slime.

Round 3, Game 2

My opponent plays an Alluring Siren on his turn three, then misses a land-drop. I attack with a Llanowar Elves, and for the third match in a row, am surprised when he trades with it. After that, it just gets ugly for him as I LD him with Acidic Slime and bash his face in with my creatures.

I hope you guys enjoyed this draft report. If you want to see more of this in the future, please leave a comment.

Until next time,

Nassim Ketita

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