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New Writers Join the Team


ManaNation.com is excited to welcome two writers to our staff. Our staff has expanded fast over the last year, and these two will fill some large holes in our current writing staff.

Darwin Kastle Mess

Darwin Kastle MessHall of Famer, Pro Tour Champion, Invitational winner. Better known as Darwin Kastle. He's going to be writing weekly for us on Mondays discussing Limited, its strategies, decks, and draft walk-throughs. Darwin earned his fame with Limited tournaments, and then proved his capabilities in constructed. He's best known for battling alongside Hall of Famer Rob Dougherty and Hall of Famer & R&D Staff member Dave Humphreys. And now, he joins ManaNation as one of our weekly columnists.

Check his column every Monday alongside Sam Stoddard

Benjamin Hayes

Benjamin Hayes, ManaNation WriterBen Hayes is an up and comer, currently ranked among the Top 10 players in the world. He's currently tied at sixth in the Rookie of the Year race easily within striking distance of the leader, Andrea Giarola. Ben is an accomplished player who will focusing on Constructed, decks, and strategies.

Be sure to see him kick off his Thursday column tomorrow!

What this Means

ManaNation has struggled for strategy and competitive content in the recent months. Our writers excel at cultural discussion, casual, economic and other topics, but we don't publish much that is competitively minded. At least, we haven't. We're extremely excited to have Darwin Kastle and Ben Hayes joining us to help us drive into this new range of content. These two will not be the only writers we bring on board to drive this content, we are seeking more Pros and competitive players eager to write for us.

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