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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Andrew Sitte

    3D Zur the Enchanter

    The stateside master of 3D alters is back, and this time it's a Commander commander nightmare: Zur!
  • Jeremy Froggatt

    February Review

    February had promised six more weeks of blustery winter, but the paints were opened and a downpour of alters had rained anyway. Jeremy runs down the best of best from the month!
  • Andrew Sitte

    3D Oversized Foils

    It's the alter you've been waiting for! Drew tried his skilled hand at a 3D alter of the oversized Commander cards!
  • Adam Styborski

    Altered Reality Challenge #5 – Winners!

    The votes are in. The judges's ballots have been cast. It's time to announce all of the winners from the Altered Reality Challenge #5!
  • Andrew Sitte

    Giant Shark Versus Mega Octopus . . . in 3D!

    The unhealthy draw of the Giant Shark is a mystery to those uninitiated to CommanderCast. Drew takes aim at a true chestnut of a card, but is there more blood in the water then he bargained for?
  • Adam Styborski

    Altered Reality Challenge #5 – Voting!

    The entries are in and it's time to vote! The Altered Reality Challenge rolls on with the public chance to choose!
  • Jeremy Froggatt

    January Review

    Jeremy's back with another outstanding review of all the alters fit to view! If you haven't been on the lookout, you'll get your eyes filled with awesome here!
  • Andrew Sitte

    3D Vorthos

    Mike Linnemann is gone from Gathering Magic. But to bid our favorite Vorthos farewell, Drew teamed up with Eric Klug to provide a momento that won't soon be forgotten!
  • Jon Corpora

    52 FNMs – Mixer

    Miserable altered cards, and a miserable FNM to go with them. How did things go so wrong for Jon?
  • Adam Styborski

    Altered Reality Challenge #5 - St. Valentine

    Do you have a love for altering cards? You can prove it in our 5th Altered Reality Challenge!
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