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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Stephen Johnson

    Reyav, Late Bloomer

    Reyav has been sitting on the bench for too long. What kind of deck can we build around this innocuous uncommon legend?
  • Stephen Johnson

    Tangled Up in Blue: Esior and Ghost

    Can you knock your opponents out with Commander damage from these unlikely partners?
  • Stephen Johnson

    Lazy Losheel

    Why defeat your opponents yourself when you can build an army of artificial constructs to do it for you?
  • Stephen Johnson

    Wrestle Your Demons with Tivash

    Lifegain, sacrifice and giant flying demons? Get all that and more in this powerful lifegain brew!
  • Stephen Johnson

    Felisa, Fang of Silverquill

    Commander 2021's new vampire legend is powerful and versatile. How will Stephen choose to build around her?
  • Stephen Johnson

    Steve's Dirty Dozen

    Stephen runs a little experiment in sitting back and watching other people play his decks!
  • Stephen Johnson

    Laelia Impulse Draw

    Can this sweet new Commander from Strixhaven teach Stephen to love Impulse Draw?
  • Stephen Johnson

    Rootha, Champion of Lutri in Commander

    While he can't build around his favorite otter in Commander, Stephen can do the next best thing with Rootha!
  • Stephen Johnson

    Eight is Enough: Octavia in Commander

    Eight proves to be the magic number for this sweet Commander list built around Octavia, Living Thesis!
  • Stephen Johnson

    Yedora Embodiment Combo in Commander

    Today Stephen explores an innovative mono-Green brew featuring Yedora and the best cards to combo it with in Commander!
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