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Least Played Two-Color Commanders: Take Two


Hello folks! I hope your day is going incredibly well. Last week I looked at the least played two-color Commanders over at EDHREC.com. Each of the allied colors has at least one dork with just a single deck registered:

That seems sad to me. Just one deck? As of today there are more than 220,000 decks registered there! That's an epic amount of decks, so how would any Commander not get more than 1 or 2? It's time to change that!

Last week I set out to chose to build a funky Dimir Ur-Drago deck that wanted to use the old school combo of Merfolk Assassin and War Barge. From Seahunter to lots of Tezzerets, we added many cards to my Ur-Drago build.

Now I want to head into a completely different direction. Gruul's Sunastian Falconer:

Sunastian Falconer

If Sol Ring is the best (legal) mana rock available, then why isn't this Human Shaman Sol Ring on a stick more played?

This guy is waaaaay too good not to get more play. Let's build a combo, ramp deck around him!

Get ready for a mana explosion!

My goal here is to give us many, many, many ways to make mana with Sunastian by tapping and re-tapping him for many loves.

Now there is an easy game-winning combo with Sunastian Falconer. What is it?

Mana Reflection

It's Mana Reflection! How so?

Sword of the Paruns
Umbral Mantle

Good question! Consider Sword of the Paruns. Tap Sunastian for four colorless mana with the Mana Reflection out. Then use three of that to untap the Falconer. You got an extra mana. All you need is Mana Reflection and any of these untap effects and your leader can untap and make enough mana to win the game, or to pump to a player killable size with Umbral Mantle.

Leyline of Abundance

Note that the recently Banned in Pioneer Leyline of Abundance will give you a Green mana when you tap Sunastian, so you can tap and untap repeatedly. That won't make an extra mana each iteration,but it will let you break Umbral Mantle.

Sachi, Daughter of Seshiro

Sachi, Daughter of Seshiro is great! She can turn any Shaman you may be running into a powerful tap-for-two-mana, which your engine will enjoy quite a lot. There are a big fat number of normal Shaman like Reclamation Sage, Elvish Visionary and Eternal Witness that I can slide in without worsening the deck in any major way. They will look like they belong in any Gruul Commander shell.

She also lets herself tap for 2 mana but does not pump her own toughness, as she's oddly templated. Sakura-Tribe Elder is both!

Nature's Chosen
Instill Energy

Instill Energy and Nature's Chosen are classic ways to use and reuse a tapping ability. Just put one on your Falconer. Now you can tap and untap and net four colorless mana each turn rather than two. Please note that since you aren't running White in the deck, the Nature's Chosen cannot be used for its latter ability to untap another land, artifact, or dork. Just skip past it.

Llanowar Tribe

Llanowar Tribe is awesome in this build too! Without any addition helper enchantments, it can be huge with an Umbral Mantle on its own! Just a Leyline will net 1 mana per untap. And that's pretty good! It's a strong card for this build, as it's the only dork that will naturally net you more mana than Sunastian!

Fyndhorn Elder
Greenweaver Druid

Fyndhorn Elder and Greenweaver Druid play into a similar theme. As you can see, they can tap for two mana and then have all of the same mana making potential as your leader's Sol Ring. They are going to love being tapped for the cause.

Whisperer of the Wilds

Whisperer of the Wilds is close! A two-drop that can tap for a mana early and once Sunastian has arrived to the party, can tap for two instead. That's a lot of mana!

Heroic Intervention

Given the big number of valuable small fry, I wanted to include a few ways to protect the team. The first is Asceticism that will keep your stuff from being targeted as well as let you regenerate them if needed. Meanwhile Heroic Intervention is useful to be played at instant speed as a surprise.

Now that we have established we are making a ton of mana, what are we going to do with it?

Jade Mage

Jade Mage, (who is also a Shaman by the by) is here to provide a fun way to make a ton of Saprolings. She'll need a Green mana each iteration, which everything not named Mana Reflection and Sunastian Falconer. Any other combo will work. She's also a powerful mana sink to go wide even when we don't have combos later.

Thousand-Year Elixir
Hammer of Purphoros

Our tapper deck is definitely going to want to run some hasters. I like Hammer of Purphoros as it will provide haste to the team and something else cool - in this case the ability to sacrifice unneeded lands into 3/3 dorks with haste. If you use one at the end of the turn and the next on yours you can send two of them at someone's face out of the Blue, as folks will often forget about its tokenage and merely see it as a haste enabler. Meanwhile we have Thousand-Year Elixir which will let your tappers use their ability on arrival as well as later untapping too.

Magus of the Candelabra
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker
Fauna Shaman

Since I already have some cool tap abilities, I wanted to layer in a few more here and there. Kiki-Jiki is great at making a free non-legendary dork that can swing or give you a free ETB effect. Just using it on Elvish Visionary to draw a card isn't nothing. It's always strong at the Commander table and is another good example of our quiet little Shaman'ing. It's great to tap for its ability, and then to untap and use it again.

Ditto Fauna Shaman. Now unlike the Mirror Breaker, the Fauna Shaman costs a Green mana to use, but as we've already discussed, that hopefully won't be too much of a problem. Discarding a dork for the best dork in the deck is a classic way to sculpt the battlefield.

Magus of the Candelabra strikes with its powerful ability to trade some colorless mana to untap some lands. Turn mana from dorks into untapped lands! In order to get some good value from him, I have added in a few lands you may want to untap, such as Temple of the False God to yield an extra mana, and lands like Yavimaya Hollow and Maze of Ith. You could also untap Cavern of Souls to make another Shaman uncounterable.

Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh

I don't know if you were paying attention, but Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh is also a Shaman as well. I like her here as a useful self-untapping way to nip in for some damage to add to the deck's range. Note that her flip is a must, so if you just want to keep her as a Tim that taps and shoots folks for 1 or 2 damage a turn, then you'll want to only use her twice a turn. However, post flip she offers some useful abilities.

Cinder Pyromancer

While traditional game-winning Shaman like Guttersnipe and Young Pyromancer really aren't this build, Chandra works. I also added in her junior partner Cinder Pyromancer, a Shaman who can tap and retap to shoot stuff without worrying about losing it. Now it's smaller: just a 0/1, and doesn't have the ability to head into planeswalker territory, but it's there none the less. If you wanted a haster that couldn't self-untap, Cunning Sparkmage would suggest itself.

Rings of Brighthearth

I also added in the obvious Rings of Brighthearth for your consideration. It won't copy mana abilities, but things like untapping? Sure!

Seeker of Skybreak

Consider it with, say, Seeker of Skybreak.

  1. Tap your leader for 2 colorless mana. Good job!
  2. Tap Seeker of Skybreak to untap your leader.
  3. Copy Seeker with the Rings of Brighthearth. Use the 2 mana you just made.
  4. Have two untaps on the stack.
  5. Untap your leader.
  6. Untap your Seeker. You now still have an untapped leader, Seeker. You didn't make mana though.

One more mana from your leader and you now net mana each time with a Leyline or such. You also can use the three-mana tapping of Llanowar Tribe for extra mana immediately. This provides you an alternative tapping and infinite mana backup to your Sword of the Paruns and Umbral Mantle.

Repeat for a whole passel of mana!

Quest for Renewal

Given the love for tapping here, Quest for Renewal seems downright obvious. You'll easily load it up with 4 counters, and then yield the free untapping that will follow for your dorks! You'll note that Seedborn Muse will also be in the below list for the same reason.

Note that if you wanted to, you could win the game with this card and tap/untapping.

How? Darksteel Reactor, that's how! There are ways to turn any counter into a charge counter, like Power Conduit. But that's not this deck.

Staff of Domination

Staff of Domination is perfect here! With any amount of colorless mana, you can tap and untap and tap again, untapping your dorks to harness their abilities, gaining any amount of life, drawing your deck, and tapping down every opposing dork. If you draw your deck, you can ensure that you draw Umbral Mantle if you haven't already, toss it on something that can swing, and then win the game with a 500/500 Mantled dork.

Need more attacks phases to kill more than one folk a turn?

Aggravated Assault

No problem! Aggravated Assault has you covered! Swing, kill, and then untap and swing again! In case you run into something you cannot tap away, I added in Rogue's Passage and Whispersilk Cloak to ensure that your swing hits.

Mana Echoes

Mana Echoes is another brilliant way to make that mana! You've seen the solid number of Shaman in this build, right? Right! Drop one Shaman. Have any more? Great, let's make some mana! Lots of mana will follow, like rain upon the roof. I've also added in Prismite to help with your colored mana needs, so you can wash colorless into Red or Green mana as you need

And there we are. Want to look at the Mana Factory we have for your perusal below? Great!

Sunastian's Mana Factory | Commander | Abe Sargent

And there you are! Anything in there you want to unpack or discuss? Just let me know, and thanks for your time!

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