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Grand Prix in Shanghai, Warsaw, and Atlanta Showcase Standard


Pro Tour Ixalan may be in the rear view mirror but Standard tournaments are still on the schedule. This weeked saw three Standard Grand Prix in Shanghai, Warsaw, and Atlanta. Would these event showcase a shift in the Standard landscape?

In a word, no. Energy Decks and Ramnuap Red continued to pace the scene. Shanghai saw familiar faces on familiar archetypes. Hall of Famer Yuuya Wantanabe (in his record tying 28th Grand Prix Top 8)ran Four Color Energy and Kelvin Chew ran Temur; Yam Wing Chun, as always, ran Ramunap Red. Also on Ramunap Red was Takuma Morofuji who went 15-0 in the Swiss, only to fall in the Quarterfinals. However it was Song Huachao came out on top piloting Temur Energy.

Over in Warsaw it was Jean-Emmanuel Depraz who emerged victorious with Four-Color Energy. His was one of four energy decks in the Top 8 which also featured Blue-Green Electrostatic Pummeler and a God-Pharoah's Gift deck. But the Top 4 was four energy decks, which would leave it to Atlanta to break the streak.

Atlanta saw Hall of Famer Ben Stark reach the Top 8 with a new take on Ramunap Red, complete with Treasure Map. Corey Baumeister made his fourth consecutive Standard Grand Prix Top 8 on the back of Temur Energy, cementing himself as a force on the circuit. Stark made the Finals but fell in three games to Alex Lloyd on Esper Approach of the Second Sun, breaking the Energy trend.

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