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Exploring Four-Color Ramp


Hey everybody! I hope you have all had a great holiday and you are ready for the new year. I know I am! I mentioned it earlier but this year I will be producing two video articles a week. One will go up Wednesday and it will be best of one on arena. The second one will go up on Friday and it will be best of three on arena. The article/video that is best of three will get a deck tech, since best of three can be more complicated than best of one. That is what I'll be doing today.

The deck I'll be showcasing is a Four-Color Ramp deck.

Time Stamps:

Match 1 - 00:04:12

Match 2 - 00:22:59

Match 3 - 00:34:11

Match 4 - 01:06:56

Match 5 - 01:22:56

First off, I just want to say that the decklist article has an additional Chemister's Insight and Ionize in the Sideboard over Sinister Sabotage. These were the changes I wanted to make after playing in my event. So, the decklist in the article is slightly different than in the video (2 cards) but it is the correct version. Ionize is just easier to cast and I wanted a little more card advantage, thus I added another Chemister's Insight.

This list started as a deck that won with Banefire. The idea came from David Wood, he was the person that showed me the original decklist. From there it has become this. We've moved away from Banefire in favor of Fight with Fire and Expansion // Explosion. The reason being, when you have eleven mana you can cast Fight with Fire with kicker and copy it with Expansion to deal twenty damage to whatever you want (usually your opponent's face.) Explosion is also an excellent way to refuel in your ramp deck. You can also just Explosion your opponent at their end step and then untap to cast Explosion or a kicked Fight with Fire to finish your opponent off.

That is what the deck is trying to do.

The rest of the deck is ramp and mostly creature kill with some card advantage thrown in. Pelakka Wurm is an excellent alternative win condition. I really like it more than Carnage Tyrant main deck because the life gain is so relevant for you as you need time to kill your opponent. Pelakka Wurm is fantastic against burn decks where Carnage Tyrant is awful.

The Mirari Conjecture can be a little on the weaker side here but it's okay. Sometimes you are only able to get one type of card back but that's okay. When The Mirari Conjecture reaches its third chapter you can do some serious damage with Fight with Fire or Explosion. Jump-Starting a Chemister's Insight is fine as well or casting Grow from the Ashes and copying it to get four lands out of your deck untapped (you only net loss one mana with this play.)

This deck is a fun to play and I want to showcase it because I only think it will get better after Ravnica Allegiance. This deck would love Growth Spiral, Hydroid Krasis, or even Mass Manipulation.

I can't wait to start making new decks and videos with Ravnica Allegiance cards. Until then, I hope this brew can tide you over.

Ali Aintrazi

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