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Esper Hero with Ali Aintrazi


Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Today's deck is an old classic in Esper Hero. I got this list from good friend of mine, Shaheen Soorani. I switched some of the sideboard cards up for what I was facing on my way to Mythic but he should still get credit for this list. When I first started playing it on stream, I went undefeated until my eighth or ninth match. It was pretty good vs that current metagame.

Here's the list

Time Stamps:

Match 1 - 00:01:09

Match 2 - 00:32:06

Match 3 - 00:52:30

Nothing really fancy here outside of three Bolas's Citadel which seems like a lot but you really want that card as it turbos out your deck. It costs 6 mana but nothing else in this deck can do what Bolas's Citadel can do. I initially thought it was a bit much too but after playing the deck I wouldn't cut any. The main thing I can tell you is to just play Hero of Precinct One on an empty battlefield. There are some few exceptions but they're few and far between. Attaching the text, "and make a 1/1 human token" to almost all your spells is how you snowball. Thanks to Hero you can also easily dome your opponent for ten damage with Bolas's Citadel when you start to pop off. Deck is powerful and fun, I would still recommend it but you're going to have to edit the Sideboard as the meta evolves. Apparently, there's some new ugx Adventure deck popping around and that list can give this deck a hard time. I would add a second Narset, Parter of Veils if that deck takes off. That's it for me, I'll see you all next week!

As always thanks for reading and I hope you have wonderful weekend!

Ali Aintrazi

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