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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jim Davis

    Ten New Strixhaven Brews!

    You've all been waiting for it, and Jim is happy to deliver ten new Strixhaven brews!
  • Kendra Smith

    Armix and Tormod, Partners from the Grave

    They come from drastically different planes and times, but Tormod and Armix make excellent partners in Commander!
  • Abe Sargent

    Top Ten Cards from Strixhaven

    Strixhaven has arrived, and with it Abe's first Top Ten featuring some of his favorite cards from the set!
  • Magic Mics

    Magic Mics: Access Denied

    Join Erin, Reuben, and Evan as they discuss all the latest Magic news!
  • Mike Likes

    Kaldheim's Last Hoorah

    Kaldheim has one last week to shine before Strixhaven enters the fray. What unique strategies will emerge?
  • Stephen Johnson

    Zimona the Brave

    Zimone packs a punch, but is she strong enough to throw punches in the realm of cEDH?
  • Corbin Hosler

    Lorehold is a Design Breakthrough – What it Means for Commander

    In his first Commander article for CoolStuff, Corbin discusses what he sees as a design breakthrough in Strixhaven and Commander 2021!
  • Jason Alt

    Sorry, Nassari

    Jason would apologize for stealing your spells, but he proves time and time again he isn't really sorry!
  • Axel Stone

    Gatecrash Budget Gems

    Older sets are packed with fun budget options, and Gatecrash is no exception!
  • MTGNerdGirl

    Strixhaven Limited Set Review: Multicolor and Modal

    MTGNerdGirl brings the Strixhaven Limited Set Review to a close with the Multicolor and Modal cards!
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