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To Be Human


We’ve seen a handful of takes on Humans in Modern over the last few years, but they’re almost always primarily aggro decks, featuring some amount of Burning-Tree Emissary and Lightning Mauler backed up by lords like Mayor of Avabruck and Thalia's Lieutenant. However, that deck is awfully glass cannon-y, losing to a lot of the same cards as decks like Elves and Affinity. So what happens when you take that aggressive shell and go a little bigger instead of staying low to the ground? You end up with something that looks like this:

Reflector Mage
This deck occupies a really exciting place in the Modern metagame. You’ve got plenty of aggressive pressure thanks to Thalia's Lieutenant and Champion of the Parish. Those two cards on their own force your opponent to have a good amount of removal or risk just dying in the first couple of turns of the game. However, those aren’t the real incentives to play this deck. The two exciting cards are Sin Collector and Reflector Mage.

The two biggest decks in the format right now are Devoted Druid variants and Storm, and you have the ability to play synergistic three-drops that buy extra time against both of them. With some help from Noble Hierarch, you can even cast them ahead of schedule before you start digging for more of them with Collected Company. Those two cards may seem innocuous, but don’t be fooled. Decks that are built around the Devoted Druid combo with Vizier of Remedies are going to struggle if you can break up their combo and buy yourself at least one additional turn, since your opponent needs to untap with Devoted Druid before they can combo off.

As is typical, the Humans deck gets a lot of powerful sideboard cards, not limited to Meddling Mage, Mirran Crusader, and Izzet Staticaster. There’s a lot to like about this shell, given that it combines the best aggressive element with enormously relevant interaction. If you want to give humans a try in Modern, now seems like a great time to take this build for a spin.

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