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Take the Helm


Despite the recent banning of Sensei's Divining Top, wu Miracles has still cemented itself as the premier control deck in Legacy. This is so true that Miracles decks are becoming increasingly inbred to fight amongst themselves by including more cards like Mentor of the Meek, maindeck Flusterstorms, and even Accumulated Knowledge. That's all well and good, but sometimes you need to sidestep the existing plans if you want to gain a more substantive advantage:

Energy Field
The idea here is that this deck is not dependent on its graveyard. No Snapcaster Mages. No delve cards. No Accumulated Knowledges. Because of that, you get the ability to run four maindeck Rest in Peace. This card is in an interesting spot in Legacy because of how many of the top tier strategies right now are heavily dependent on their graveyard. Cards like Life from the Loam, Kolaghan's Command, and Tarmogoyf are all positively embarrassing against maindeck Rest in Peace. Not only that, but running Rest in Peace gives you 2 powerful options for locking up games: Energy Field to lock out damage and Helm of Obedience to actually end the game.

What's most interesting about this package is that they are all artifacts and enchantments, which means that Enlightened Tutor becomes a powerful means of improving the consistency of your deck, as well as providing more consistent access to powerful singletons out of the sideboard, such as Humility, Circles of Protection, or even Moat.

As soon as too many decks start leaning on the same resource, opportunities to take advantage of that common tendency open up. At this particular juncture in Legacy, it seems like the graveyard is such a common dependency that you can gain an enormous advantage over the field by locking opponents out of using their graveyard.

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