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Exploring Lorcana's Into the Inklands - Ruby


Here's my second article in a collaborative series with WordsWriteWill. We're now focusing on Ruby. Let's briefly take a look at the profile and history of Ruby in previous sets.

In both The First Chapter and Rise of the Floodborn, Ruby has always been a great support Ink to provide raw character removal in the means of characters, actions, and items. Into the Inklands creates additional opportunities that strengthens those characteristics, as well as adding a bit more spice to the color as well. Let's cook!

Top Tier Picks

Jim Hawkins provides great flavor to the introduction of Locations. Giving an advantage to not only playing a location costing 4 or less for free, but the ability to move there for free as well can grant a decent tempo swing. Locations are still debatable for a few of the meta decks heading into Into the Inklands, but Jim Hawkins allows for a bit more flexibility when you're willing to try them out.

Jim Hawkin's ability, This Is It!, allow you to play a location with a cost of 4 or less for free. This pairs well with RLS Legacy shown below.

RLS Legacy fits in great with decks that need Evasive for either offensive or defensive plays. Two lore per turn isn't too shabby as well. Eight Willpower means this location has a bit more sticking power on the board. The enchanted artwork is definitely the chef's kiss.

Prince Eric - Expert Helmsman - Prince Eric puts opponents in check by causing a conditional trade; banish me and I'll banish any of your characters back. Opponents might hesitate challenging or removing Prince Eric unless they absolutely have to. Cards like Be Prepared and Grab Your Sword will have to be played more strategically. Lady Tremaine - Imperious Queen also has less value because you can choose the banish target, not the opponent.

I expect to see much of this card if Steel and/or Ruby maintains a large presence in the meta to put some of their staples in check. Questing for 2 lore isn't too bad either.

Hydra - Deadly Serpent - I'll have to admit, once seeing Hydra revealed, I immediately looked at cards from previous sets to see what would be great combos. The song Teeth and Ambitions makes sense as it could turn dealing 2 damage to one character into dealing 4 damage to one character, or 2 damage across two characters. Also, challenging another character or being challenged can trigger its effect as well. You can play more into this ability by dealing more damage to it with some Steel cards, or heal it with Amber or Sapphire cards. Regardless, this card could see insane value depending on the right color ink pairing.

Great Additions

Madame Medusa - The Boss - On reveal, I was not really convinced of the value of this card until I reviewed all characters with 3 or less Strength. Then I began to see the value this card really does add to Ruby.

Madame Medusa reminds me a lot of Lady Tremaine - Imperious Queen but with the ability allowing you to select, rather than the opponent.

While this isn't probably going to be a 4 of in my Ruby / Amethyst deck, I may balance out this one with Lady Tremaine to see it if makes sense.

Sumerian Talisman - Sumerian Talisman is a new addition from Into the Inklands that gives a bit more value to those Ruby / Steel challenger decks. Drawing more cards to potentially draw more characters to continue fueling this item seems like a potential great addition. We'll most likely see this added to new Pirate decks as well.

There you have it, some of my top picks for Ruby from Into the Inklands. I think I can speak for the majority of us that we're looking for a shake-up of the top decks. I do feel Ruby / Amethyst did get some pretty decent additions with this set, but I also feel other inks did get better answers as well. (Looking at you Emerald and Amber).

What do you plan on building with the new Ruby cards? What do you think we'll see in the most represented deck from Rise of the Floodborn, Ruby / Amethyst? Do you think Ruby / Steel finally has the tools they need to climb a few ranks? What locations are you excited for trying in your deck?

I've been Stefen and I hope you've enjoyed this article, brought to you by CoolStuffInc, your number one place TCG singles for Lorcana, and many other popular TCGs. See you out in the Inklands!

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