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Magic As Richard Garfield Intended It


What if I told you there was a one card combo deck in Legacy that could often kill on turn one, started with 8 cards in hand, has multiple maindeck ways to beat Force of Will, and also got to play Chalice of the Void for one on turn one very often too.

Gyruda, Doom of Depths

Oh, and did I mention that you get to palm your combo card every game, but your opponent can't Thoughtseize it?


Time Stamps:

06:03 - Match 1

24:13 - Match 2

38:49 - Match 3

43:04 - Match 4

56:16 - Match 5

I think this may be a record for the least turns I have ever played in a CoolStuffInc.com video!

Lion's Eye Diamond
Cavern of Souls
Chalice of the Void

This deck really feels like it takes many of the things that have happened in Magic over the last few years and turns the dial up to eleven using many of the most broken mana producers the game has ever seen. The London Mulligan allows us to dig deep into our deck to find Lion's Eye Diamond (while bottoming worthless Clone effects), while the Companion mechanic gives us super safe access to our combo card at all times in addition to an extra card to offset all the London Mulligans. Throw in Cavern of Souls for the ability to push Gyruda through Force of Will and other counterspells, as well as Chalice of the Void and a million ways to cast it on turn one, and you've got quite the monster on your hands.

Grim Monolith
Thought-Knot Seer

Our matchup spread was a little awkward and we didn't get to play against any Force of Will decks, but Grim Monolith was very impressive out of the sideboard and I'd be interested in finding room for them in the maindeck. Considering how aggressively we mulligan, having half the mana to cast Gyrdua contained in one card does seem very nice. Thought-Knot Seer felt very unnecessary, but again we didn't play against any interactive decks so it may still have a place.

No matter how you build it, there's some insane power here. I'm not sure they'll let us play companions like this forever, but while you can you may just want to let it ride!

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