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Does Playing White Make Modern Tron Less Evil?


While it has waxed and waned with popularity over the last few years, there's no doubt that Mono-Green Tron is one of the most polarizing and powerful decks in Modern.

Urza's Tower
Expedition Map

Seeven mana on turn three is quite the thing to work toward, and Mono-Green Tron decks go to incredible lengths to get there are start casting +7 mana spells as early and often as possible. That being said, they are so linear in this regard that they often completely ignore their opponent for the first few turns of the game, making them vulnerable to hyper-aggressive strategies.

Well, what if Tron slowed down a bit and played all the great White interactive cards instead?

Time Stamps:

00:01:55 - Match 1

00:30:43 - Match 2

00:51:33 - Match 3

01:36:33 - Match 4

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In what's sort of a halfway mix between a normal Tron ramp deck and a control deck, Magic Online player Bob49 took this unique take on Tron to a 5-0 in a Magic Online league recently.

March of Otherworldly Light

There's no doubting the power of Solitude, as well as the other White interactive cards. March of Otherworldly Light is about as flexible as it gets, and also has the nice side benefit of dealing with hate cards like Damping Sphere. Reprieve also does awesome double duty in the deck, slowing your opponent down or returning your own spells in the face of countermagic.

[The One Ring] [Karn, the Great Creator]

The One Ring
Karn, the Great Creator

When you mix in the power and card draw of The One Ring, as well as the toolbox potential of Karn, the Great Creator, you've got a deck that can go long and interact, but also create an explosive mana advantage too. Tron is not "required" to achieve early in this deck like it is in Mono-Green Tron, meaning you're fine playing a Talisman of Unity on turn two and The One Ring on turn three while interacting.

This is definitely a unique and fun take on the deck!

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