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Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!


So far Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis has stolen most of the thunder from Modern Horizons. The Hogaak Bridgevine deck has taken the format by storm, to a level that has players calling for bans in a manner that may actually be properly founded. However, it's not all doom and gloom!

There's a ton of fun cards in Modern Horizons beyond the Hogaak menace, ranging from sweet reprints to intriguing throwbacks to all new toys. Force of Negation is one of the most hyped cards in the set, and for good reason, as it helps give fair decks a new and powerful tool to handle the myriad of broken things you may play against in any given match of Modern.

However, that's not the only Modern Horizons card I'm interested in...

Time Stamps:

Match 1 - 00:07:12

Match 2 - 00:33:33

Match 3 - 00:54:38

Match 4 - 01:13:53

Match 5 - 01:26:17

Ninjas return in Modern Horizons, and while Ninja of the Deep Hours has made waves in Pauper and in Cubes it has never really had a successful jump into Modern and Legacy. Well maybe that's because he never had a best friend before!

Ingenious Infiltrator

Ingenious Infiltrator is a strictly better upgrade to Ninja of the Deep Hours, providing a crucial extra point of toughness as well as the ability to stack up many draws. Paired up with another Modern Horizons surprise, Faerie Seer, we start to see a unique Blue-based aggressive deck take shape.

Force of Negation
Disrupting Shoal

With the ability to be aggressive and draw loads of cards, we turn to an eight pack of pitch-counterspells as the new Force of Negation joins Disrupting Shoal to allow you to continue to develop your board as you stymie your opponent's progress. Sprinkle in some of the best and cheapest interactive Dimir spells and we've got an aggressive tempo deck that is going to be hell on any spell-based deck. Of course, as we saw in the matches we're also going to struggle against creature based decks with so much of our countermagic focused on non-creature spells. Game 1 against Hogaak-based decks also seems tough, but both matchups can be tuned with proper sideboarding.

If you're looking for an extremely fun deck that is fantastic against spell-based decks, it's hard to go wrong with Ninjas!