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Taking A Bite Out Of Modern With Shark Replenish!


There are many extremely powerful spells in Magic, cards that either through raw power or startling efficiency have made a permanent mark on the game. A popular theme in Magic has been to recreate those cards as mana cost-less suspend cards, as started in Time Spiral and continued in both Modern Horizons sets. Given that they were too powerful at the costs they were printed at, instead the cost is time as well as mana.

Resurgent Belief

One of the newest additions to this mega cycle is Resurgent Belief, the suspend version of the classic card Replenish. For those who never experienced Replenish back in its heyday, it's easy to see a White card based around enchantments and dismiss it, but you'd be doing yourself a disservice to do so; Replenish is an extremely powerful effect.

It saw play in all sorts of combo and enchantress decks back in the day, but in 2021 we're going to use it a little bit more fairly.

Time Stamps:

00:05:24 - Match 1

00:54:11 - Match 2

01:04:49 - Match 3

01:29:24 - Match 4

01:57:32 - Match 5

Rather than trying to build an "all-in" version of a Replenish combo deck that would be very vulnerable to graveyard hate or disruption, we get to graft it onto a Azorius Control shell that already has a very solid plan.

Shark Typhoon
As Foretold
Ancestral Vision

Shark Typhoon is not only a great card to bring back with Resurgent Belief, but it also is just a great card in general that is especially adept at finding its way into the graveyard naturally without any help. When your primary combo piece is also a great card and win condition, you're in a great place.

The other piece to the puzzle is the As Foretold engine, which is also powerful but not extremely committing. As Foretold can cast Resurgent Belief or Ancestral Vision immediately by circumventing the mana cost, but is also a reasonable enchantment that can be used fairly when you don't draw these cards. Suspending Ancestral Vision or Resurgent Belief is also very reasonable, so As Foretold isn't a requirement.

Thirst for Meaning
Supreme Verdict
On Thin Ice

Add in a collect of enchantment-themed control cards and card draw and it all comes together as a slightly worse than average Azorius Control deck that has the huge combo upside and comeback potential of casting monstrous Resurgent Beliefs.

Most control decks don't have this sort of raw power, but being able to just play normal Magic against hate or disruption is awesome too!

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