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Don't Doubt The Spider Queen In Standard!


Mono-Black Control is one of Standard's all-time classic archetypes, and with the rotation of Throne of Eldraine and the reintroduction of things like card advantage and value to the Standard format it looks to be in an excellent place!

Deadly Dispute
Shambling Ghast

Now, this isn't exactly like the Mono-Black Control decks of old that were all Cabal Coffers and Mutilates, but it fulfills many of the same core ideas. Block, trade, kill things - and every time try to find yourself up in material from the exchange. With lots of cards featuring the learn mechanic, as well as an impressive array of planeswalkers and removal, we've got an honest to goodness board control deck here looking to keep the many Green decks of the world honest!

Time Stamps:

00:04:11 - Match 1

00:44:40 - Match 2

01:12:56 - Match 3

It's important to note that this is Grzegorz 'Urlich' Kowalski's deck, which I saw him post on Twitter after going on a very impressive run.

With a ton of great early game blockers (that can double as attackers against control) that all accrue some sort of card advantage, this deck doesn't look like a "true" control deck, but despite being more creatures and less spells it certainly plays like one.

Blood on the Snow
Lolth, Spider Queen
Skullport Merchant

You play your interaction early, make some blocks, make some trades, then land a Lolth, Spider Queen. Now all exchanges you make are even more in your favor, which makes your opponent commit to the board even harder and get wiped by a Blood on the Snow. Recover faster, keep grinding, and eventually put them away!

As we saw in the games this deck has immense comeback potential, as well as a ton of play to it. There are many decisions to be made every turn and each one of them feels important, which is the best kind of Magic there is. The deck is also very good too, providing an excellent foil for Esika's Chariot decks.

This is one to watch!

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