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Loxobots, Roll Out!


Every non-rotating format should have its aggressive artifact deck. Affinity, while it has waned with the banning of Mox Opal, has been a part of Modern since the format's inception, as it was a part of the Extended format before Modern existed.

Arcbound Ravager
Cranial Plating

Well on the MTG Arena side of things, Historic doesn't have an aggressive artifact deck. There are some larger decks built around Paradox Engine, as well as some colorless decks looking to abuse Mystic Forge and colorless planeswalkers, but nothing that wants to turn things sideways.

With Kaladesh Remastered here and one of my old favorites, that's about to change!

Time Stamps:

00:04:51 - Match 1

00:30:37 - Match 2

00:59:00 - Match 3

01:11:10 - Match 4

01:27:59 - Match 5

Venerated Loxodon is a really good Magic card.

Venerated Loxodon
Steel Overseer
Tempered Steel

While we certainly miss Memnite from the Modern version of the deck, Venerated Loxodon is still capable of putting a very large amount of power onto the battlefield as early as turn three. Like Modern Affinity, we've got two other main payoffs for all our going wide shenanigans in Steel Overseer and Tempered Steel. This does mean we need to find these payoffs to make playing Ornithopter worth it, but when we do we put a lot of power on the battlefield very quickly.

Gideon Blackblade

Our sideboard was excellent, with the planeswalkers being perfect against the grindy decks and the removal being key against other creature decks. With the maindeck being so linear it's hard to change around the deck too much, but it felt like we had just the right amount of options in just the right places. If your opponent is interacting with you a bunch and killing your creatures you can cut the weaker individual cards like Ornithopter; in the opposite case where you've gotta race the more grindy cards like Pia Nalaar can go.

The deck may be one or two pieces away from being a real powerhouse, but if we were to see Blinkmoth Nexus or Cranial Plating in a future Historic Anthology we might really have a lot to talk about. But even then, the deck hits hard and fast, while also being a blast to play!

Loxobots, roll out!

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