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Magic Mics: Disenchanted


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Airdate - 2/6/2019

First Pick

Mythic Invitational - Invite only clarification; it’s a Pro-AM

Caleb on Mythic Championship:

Jon Stern to BBD - Disenfranchised:

Mafer Withdraws:

Caleb invited:

Blake on the Tabletop Championship:

Jeff Implodes:

Herberholz responds:

Gather the Townsfolk

The Broken Pact season 2:

State of Product Design:

Rich still working on coverage:

Team Open Winners:

Ben Drago joins WotC: (his CV is really good!)

Desperate Ravings

The Future is Bright and Uncertain:

RPTQ cake:

Is Polukranos Powerful? Loan Program:

When, exactly, is the WAR prerelease?

Jesper Myrfors interview

Splash Damage

Twitch 1099s late:

Twitch Streamer busted:

The Finisher

Magic cosplayer and propmaker Olivia Gobert-Hicks showed off her sweet new Magic-themed vanity plates today, as you can see right here: Yup, that's right: SOLRING. This is the latest in a long lineage of classic custom card-themed combinations, from INFECT to BELEREN to BOLTYOU to UUBBBRR, copying Cruel Ultimatum's casting cost (because of course there is always a greater horsepower). Now, we here at Magic Mics are all about being #OnBrand, so if you were to get yourself one of them sweet personalized plates for yourself what might you get?