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Magic Mics: Rank & File


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Airdate - 12/5/2018

First Pick

An open letter to Gerry Thompson, Cedric Phillips & Pros: https://adjameson.wordpress.com/2018/12/04/an-open-letter-to-cedric-phillips-gerry-thompson-and-the-pro-magic-community-at-large/

Gather the Townsfolk

Lightning Bolt Promo

Vid from Wedge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AYA1jG97bM


  • Foil for main event or fanatic package
  • Nonfoil for side events, but sides also feature new foil basic lands promos

Daarken speaks out about MagicFest boycott:


Magic Arena Rank 1.0:


TL;DW: New ranking system incoming, but it is still the early stage of what they want, featuring season rewards and "balanced" advancement. This system applies to limited and constructed events. New matchmaking system that changes how players are matched in ladder and non-ladder play (which is also new.) Non-Ladder matchmaking will still be based partially on "deck strength" with some fine tuning coming soon.

Edit: Patch will hit on December 13th with State of the Beta on Dec 12.

Game Awards Announcement:


"Guild Missions" at GP Shizuoka:


Atraxa cosplay at GP Shizuoka:


Exclusive Chandra comic cover for SCG CON:


WotC looking for esports director:


Desperate Ravings

MTG Arena killing MTGO?


Goatbots Rebuttal: https://old.reddit.com/r/magicTCG/comments/a2z9rz/mtg_arena_is_killing_magic_online/eb4o4ey/

MTGO Chat now optional by default:


Kaya playmat for RPTQ T16:


Domri Rade RPTQ:


Going Infinite

60 card Modern Singleton:


The Finisher

It was announced this week that, beginning on December 17, the microblogging and social media website Tumblr will be banning all pornography on their website. And if you don't know what Tumblr is, well, apparently you have until December 17 to find out. Several popular Magic blogs are hosted on Tumblr, including the Magic Bracket, tons of artists and cosplayers, and of course Mark Rosewater's Blogatog. So now that Tumblr will be working out the kinks, so to speak, what changes do you expect to come to Magic: The Tumblring?

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