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On the Lam


Young Pyromancer is an incredible card that, for quite some time, didn't really find a home in Modern. The format was just a little too fast and the density of cheap card selection just wasn't there. This past weekend, at Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan, Young Pyromancer showed that it has what it takes to put up serious results in the current Modern format. Yesterday, we looked at a more traditional ur take, but that wasn't the only Young Pyromancer strategy:

Bedlam Reveler
This deck has put up intermittent results on Magic Online, but never had many dedicated advocates. The idea is similar to the ur Pyromancer deck, but rather than being Blue-based for counterspells, this deck plays Black for more efficient removal and discard spells. This makes you more capable of proactively interacting with the wide variety of distinct strategies in Modern. It also allows you to take a more aggressive stance in most of your matchups, leveraging Young Pyromancer to get your opponent dead as quickly as possible.

Lingering Souls is a card that gives you an enormous advantage in both creature-based matchups and controlling ones. The fact that so many people are trying to leverage spot removal against decks like Humans and Death's Shadow is a huge advantage for both Young Pyromancer and Lingering Souls.

Because you're not playing Blue, you need to turn somewhere else for card advantage and selection. Faithless Looting is your card selection engine. It lets you put Lingering Souls into your graveyard or get cheap Young Pyromancer triggers while ensuring that you don't flood out and can find your best cards in a given matchup. Bedlam Reveler is your card advantage engine. Filling your graveyard with Faithless Looting and discard spells lets you cast it for four or less mana. Add in Kolaghan's Command to rebuy Bedlam Revelers later in the game and you've got a powerful attrition engine that lets you stay in the game no matter how late it goes.

If you're looking for a new take on midrange in this format, Mardu Pyromancer may be exactly the breath of fresh air you've been looking for. The combination of efficient removal and discard spells gives you game against the whole format, and you've got a powerful and proactive card advantage engine in Young Pyromancer and Bedlam Reveler that lets you steal games against most any opponent.

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