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Ravensburger Reveals Organized Play Kits for Into the Inklands


Hot off the heels of the reveal season of the new Disney Lorcana set, Into the Inklands, Ravensburger has prepared OP kits to coincide with the release of the new set. These OP kits are a great way to bolster your local Lorcana community by rewarding players with promos only available through league play. If you're not familiar with league play, let's break down how it works.

What is League Play?

Stores that obtain OP kits can run weekly events called League Play. Every week, Lorcana players have an opportunity to play and earn league points for the season. At the end of the season, points are calculated and those who have earned the highest points earn prizes, such as promo cards, pins, lore counters, and new to this season's OP kit, card sleeves. That's not the only time you can earn prizes though. You can simply earn promo cards just for attending. You can also earn prizes at the end of every League round, which consist of League Play for four weeks.

How to earn points

Let's talk about some of the easiest ways to earn points:

  • Signing up for a league round - 1 point
  • Win a match - 2 points
  • Lose a match - 1 point
  • Teaching someone how to play Disney Lorcana in the store - 2 points
  • Bringing someone new to play in the league - 1 point
  • Wear something with a favorite Disney character - 1 point

The League Play organizer will structure a tournament with all players that will consist of rounds to play depending on the player turnout. For example, you can expect anywhere from 4-5 rounds of play with attendance of anywhere from 10-20 players. During each round, you will be paired with an opponent to play for that round.

On top of the ways to earn points listed above, Disney Lorcana does a pretty good job at refreshing some of the more flavored ways to earn points, which is using theme decks. Each of these methods below can earn you 1 point:

  • Have 3 different locations in play
  • Having an opponent lose 5 lore in one turn
  • Have 3 different Dalmatians in play. Can earn an additional point for having 5 or more in play.
  • Have Genie, Jafar, and Iago in play
  • Have Kida and Milo Thatch in play
  • Have Scrooge McDuck, at McDuck Manor, with Vault Door in play
  • Have Robin Hood, Little John, and Maid Marion in play
  • Have Simba and Nala at the Pride Lands
  • Have Moana, Maui, and HeiHei in play
  • Having Peter Pan plus either Tinker Bell or Wendy Darling at Never Land
  • Have Nottingham, Robin Hood, and Robin's Bow in play
  • Have The Queen at The Queen's Castle
  • Have Kit Cloudkicker plus either Thaddeus E. Klang or Don Karnage in play
  • Have Jim Hawkins and Captain Amelia at RLS Legacy

These are really great because they encourage a bit more thought that bringing a meta deck to play and win out all the time. Let's do a quick comparison:

Assuming 5 rounds of play, someone who goes 4-1 can earn a maximum of 9 points.

Let's say another player goes 2-2, but earns 2 points on average for using a theme focused deck using the guide from above. That player earned 16 points.

This is what I love about league play. It encourages players of all skill types to play together for the fun and spirit of the new game content over a more competitive event.


So, with all of these points, what can players expect to win for participating in league play? Let's review it below.


When you sign up for League Play, you can earn the Jolly Roger - Hook's Ship card (not yet revealed).

End of League Round prizing

At the end of 4 weeks, the tournament organizer will tally up the scores and award the following:

First place: their choice of two different promo cards (one of each) from the following pool of cards:

  • 10x How Far I'll Go (Not yet revealed)
  • 10x John Silver - Greedy Treasure Seeker (Not yet revealed)
  • 10x Kit Cloudkicker (Not yet revealed)

If there is a tie for first place, randomly choose someone. Then, any other players earning more than 3 league points this League Round will be randomly awarded one promo card from the above card pool.

Then, the tournament organizer will collect the following pins for prizing:

  • 2x Sheriff of Nottingham - Corrupt Official
  • 2x Stitch - Covert Agent

Again, first place will get their choice of one pin from the pool. If there is a tie for first place, randomly select someone from the tie to earn the pin. The remaining 3 pins are then awarded to anyone earning 3 or more points this League Round.

End of League Season prizing

At the end of the season, the tournament organizer will then calculate the points earned from the entire season and award the following:

Lore Counter

The top 6 players will earn one lore counter

Card Sleeves

New to prizing, card sleeves are awarded to 8 players by random that have earned 12 or more points. These are art sleeves with the Dalmatian Puppy - Tail Wagger art on them.

Disney Lorcana Logo Pin

8 of these pins are awarded randomly to players earning more than 8 points this season.

Remaining prize pool

If there are any Jolly Roger - Hook's Ship promo cards left, the tournament organizer can award these to players that have earned more than 8 points this season. Any remaining prizes should then be awarded to those players with less than 8 points.

Wrapping Up

Players have a lot to look forward to this season. I'm really curious about the cards this season as they've yet to be revealed. I also really appreciate the continuation of the Lorcana logo pin for each ink color. I'm really looking forward to seeing new and returning players for this season as well.

What are your plans for this season? Are you planning on remaining consistent with as many wins through a competitive deck, or will you try out one or two new themes?

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