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This Week in Magic 10/6 - 10/13


News and Set Reviews

Standard and Block


  • Innidraft—Carrie Oliver’s hypothetical lists showcase several draft archetypes.
  • Creatures in Innistrad Draft—Darwin Kastle uses the creature curve to provide some perspective on the format.

Vintage, Legacy, and Modern

Casual and Variant Formats


  • Innistrad on the Brain (SCG$) — Jonathan Medina, fresh off a top-four finish, is hitting the trade tables hard and looking to profit from the new expansion.
  • Analyzing the Market through Nashville—Kelly Reid on the Planeswalkers, Titans, lands that will soon be trending hot on the trade tables.
  • Frantic Search—Francis Toussaint discusses how casual players can impact card values and sales.
  • The Perils of Repacks—Chas Andres takes a trip to sketch city to scout out internet repacks and disappearing negative feedback on eBay.

Theory and Miscellany

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