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Magic Fundraisers for Black Lives Matter


A few known associates and I have been looking for a Magic-related large-scale organized fundraiser to help the Black Lives Matter movement in the fight for racial justice. We could throw our support behind them and make an effort into a full scale, Magic full community campaign. Truthfully, I hesitated because this isn't about me and people like me, it's about Black Lives and Black causes that need funding and support. It needs less Sigarda's Aid and more Unlikely Aid.

Paul Baranay, aka Bearz, has been asking folks what they were doing to help, and he sent me this message:

I've been wondering if there's anything the MTG art world can do to help support Black Lives Matter and the many worthy charities doing the work in that space.

Paul was right, we have not done anything collectively yet. I can donate $25 all day, but that doesn't mobilize people. I can retweet all day, but that doesn't create change.

It's time to do something, and something big. Now is the time for action, for bolstering.

Dromoka's Gift
Unlikely Aid

I find enjoyment in philanthropic things. There's something about my Selesnya leanings that urge me to help humanity, from small efforts to massive undertakings. I've written about philanthropy in the past, Magic, Philanthropy, and You, and Starting A Magic Charity Tournament, but what we are doing today is the biggest yet.

The First Main Phase is the #MagicArtChallenge over at the MTG Art Market Facebook group. Keep an eye on the page from Saturday, June 20 to Saturday, June 27 for auctions raising money for Black causes such as the Center for Black Equity, The Okra Project, and the NAACP's Legal Defense Fund, among others.

We have some incredible art scheduled, including a legendary Goblin painting never publicly offered, the Seventh Edition Phantom Warrior, painted color studies, several original sketches, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Our first goal is to raise $30,000 from people donating art and bidding to buy original Magic art.

But that's not all.

Today we enter Phase II of the fundraiser, "Second Main Phase"

Phase II builds on past fundraisers that known associates and I have done in Minneapolis. We've had benefit weekends for causes ranging from MS Research, the World Central Kitchen, to Secondhand Hounds. We've learned a few things - most notably, the generosity of Magic players knows no bounds.

Starting now, items will be sent to South Minneapolis, where they will be sorted and prepared. We look forward to showing you everything we get!

The Second Main Phase lands in mid-July with two events - a silent auction and a live raffle.

Second Main Phase

What: Gathering items for a fundraiser to benefit Black Lives Matters, Black orgs, and Black causes, all online in July, called "Second Main Phase"

Who: Magic players everywhere invited to participate, Phases organized by Paul Baranay, Aaron Hamer, Tatiana Dykes and me. Minneapolis contingent is April King and myself, with some help from some other known associates.

Where: online, with links and streams to be announced in July, with organizers across the country with home base in Minneapolis, MN

How: Silent bidding programs and live streams

When: All items due in Minneapolis by July 1, all auctions and raffle to begin July 15 on a rolling basis

Why: Because we believe that Magic is more than just a game. We can help others too.

What's the charity?

There will be a conglomerate of charities, nonprofit groups, and organizations supported. It won't be just places in Minneapolis, promise.

Raffle AND silent auction to raise funds?

Yes! There will be more as well, like grab Bags taught to us by Jeremy and more have all been discussed. Stay tuned!

Is there a playmat?

There are rumblings about a never-before-released playmat being offered. More to come on that front soon.

What's the EV?

The warm fuzzies that you are making a difference.

From previous years, there is a ton of value in silent auctions and raffles.

What You Can Do to Help

We need YOU to talk about this event. Mention #SecondMainPhase and spread the word!

If you wish to donate items, here are some of the things we're looking for in the raffle:

Things we could really use for the raffle:

  • Unique Magic items that cannot be bought (or found!) with ease
  • Experiences - tour of Wizards, 1:1 deck-building tips from a MTG pro, SaffronOlive doing a recording you can use as your voicemail, cool things money can't just buy.
  • Foils of commander playables, think promo Cultivate by John Avon
  • Rare tokens
  • Foil basic lands
  • Gold border blank cards, perhaps painted into an emblem
  • A full custom cosplay
  • Uncut sheets (yes even War of the Spark)
  • A free commission slot for an original alter
  • Oversized cards
  • Those giant Magic cards from PAX and other live events, the 3 feet x 4 feet ones

Cool stuff that will always be welcome:

  • Sealed booster boxes.
  • Draft boxes. (12/12/12 or 24/12 ones)
  • If sending packs, make the postage worth it, send two
  • From the Vault sets/Duel Decks/Fat Packs/Precon decks
  • Just a big ol' pile of unused toploaders, seriously.
  • Magic novels or comics, any condition.
  • Rare playmats
  • Sealed board games.
  • Box topper cards
  • Rare lands
  • Playsets of Old School playable cards
  • A longbox filled with bulk rares.

And to kick things off, we already have our first raffle item already: a Vans Warped Tour Chandra skateboard.

Sign up to donate here: www.mtgart.auction/Donate

Fill out the form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can to tell you where to send it. Please pitch in if you can and if you have questions, you know how to find me on Twitter.

This is larger than all of us, and it is also about every single one of us.

Together, we can make a difference for Black lives and Black causes. I hope you'll participate every way you can.



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