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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Abe Sargent

    Your Nikya Deck Sucks

    Abe takes a look at some of the pitfalls to avoid when building a Commander deck around Nikya of the Old Ways!
  • Jason Alt

    Not the Stars to Hold Our Destiny

    Jason takes control of his own destiny with a Klothys deck that's far from a stock list!
  • Jason Alt

    Beyond Excited

    Jason can't wait to start building with Theros Beyond Death in Commander, and he gets a head start with one of the previewed legends!
  • Mark Wischkaemper

    Around the Wheel: Grumgully, the Generous

    Mark gets into the giving spirit for the holiday season by building a Grumgully, the Generous Commander deck for his Red-Green entry in Around the Wheel!
  • A. E. Marling

    Oathbreaker Goblins

    Explode your new goblins from Secret Lair in this competitive multiplayer deck!
  • Abe Sargent

    Least Played Two-Color Commanders: Take Two

    Abe revisits his list of least played Commanders and dives back in to build another deck for an unloved legend!
  • A. E. Marling

    Domri in Oathbreaker

    Obeying all laws makes you a prisoner. Gruul-smash your way to freedom in multiplayer!
  • Jason Alt

    As Carbon is to Steel

    Jason learns a lesson in persistence as he builds around the little goblin that could, Grumgully, the Generous!
  • A. E. Marling

    Into the Wilds with Xenagos

    A.E. Marling ventures into the heart of the woods and finds a favorful build featuring Xenagos, the Reveler!
  • Stephen Johnson

    Grumgully, the Generous

    Stephen makes use of a generous suggestion and builds a deck around the little legend that could, Grumgully, the Generous!
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